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Kakinomoto-jinja Shrine 高津柿本神社

Hitomaro Shrine Hitomaro Shrine
Hitomaro Shrine Hitomaro Shrine

The chief shrine dedicated to the greatest poet of 7th-century Japan

Considered the greatest poet of 7th-century Japan, Kakinomoto no Hitomaro's works appear extensively in the Manyoshu, Japan's oldest collection of poems. He is believed to have died here in Masuda, and Kakinomoto-jinja Shrine is dedicated to him.

Quick Facts

It is said the shrine was originally built on the island of Kamoshima but was washed away by a tsunami in 1026

Only the statue of Kakinomoto no Hitomaro floated to Matsuzaki, and the shrine was rebuilt there

At the Hassaku Festival on September 1, which celebrates Kakinomoto's birthday, you can watch thrilling yabusame horseback archery by the riverside

In 1681, the shrine was moved to its current location by the lord of nearby Tsuwano so he could easily visit it

How to Get There

It is a 10-minute bus ride from Masuda Station. Get off at the Takatsu stop. You can take a taxi or walk from the station in around 30 minutes. Masuda Station is connected to Izumo and Matsue on the coast and inland to Tsuwano and to the shinkansen in Yamaguchi.

A mecca for poets

Poets, students, and poetry fans visit the shrine to honor Kakinomoto and pray for guidance and inspiration. Poems are displayed around the shrine grounds, and numerous poetry events are held throughout the year.

The shrine's collection includes art pieces by emperors and members of the Imperial court. A statue of Kakinomoto, depicted with his paper and calligraphy brush, sits in front of the main hall under a plum tree, poised for inspiration to strike.

Manyo Park

After visiting the shrine, stroll through the neighboring Manyo Park, with the same scenery and plants mentioned in the poems of Manyoshu. The park has playgrounds for kids and a tearoom where you can relax and perhaps compose your own poems.

* The information on this page may be subject to change due to COVID-19.

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