Aso-Kuju National Park

A Yoga Class in a Secret Spot

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Exercise in an off-limits area next to the Aso Caldera

Join this tour to gain rare access to a secret spot that commands panoramic views of the vast Aso Caldera and the beautiful Mount Asogogaku. The early start of this guided tour also shows you a rarely seen landscape, lit up by the rising sun in a truly dramatic fashion. Enjoy a birdsong soundtrack during the class, and afterward, relax with a cup of tea and admire the view.

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Available Late June to end of September
Duration 2 hours (approx.)
Cost Adults and children (around age 6 and over): 4,500 yen. Minimum number of participants: 2
Contact Aso Nature Land Co., Ltd.
Phone (+81) 0967-32-4196
Website (EN)

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