Scenic Drive
7.5 km
1 h40min
Oike Pond parking lot
Shiramizukosen Spring

Oike Pond and Shiramizukosen Walking Trail and Drive

Enjoy a walk through a primeval forest and drink natural spring water

Take in beautiful nature, waterfalls and natural springs on a walk through old-growth forest. The path from the Oike Pond parking lot to Oike Pond is almost flat, making this an easy stroll. The forest has sawtooth oak, Japanese beech and maple trees. Some of the larger trees are over 300 years old. Oike Pond is fed by a spring, and you can drink the spring water that flows here. After you leave the pond, follow the riverside path to the refreshing Meisui-no-Taki Falls.

Follow the path to return to Oike Pond parking lot. From there, drive a short distance to Shiramizukosen, where you can taste a very rare type of naturally carbonated spring water.

Route Map

Oike Pond and Shiramizukosen Walking Trail

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