Yoshino-Kumano National Park

Odaigahara Visitor Center

Learn about the rain-soaked forest ecosystems of the Odaigahara Plateau

The Odaigahara Visitor Center provides information about the nature, culture, and sightseeing spots of the Odaigahara Plateau. The plateau experiences the highest annual rainfall on Japan's main island of Honshu. The high amount of rainfall helps preserve the native forests of the Kii Peninsula, including a spruce forest that shows evidence of climatic changes since the ice age.

The center's exhibits cover a wide range of topics, including wildlife found in Odaigahara, the disappearance of local ecosystems and ongoing efforts to conserve the existing ecosystem. You can learn how to identify native trees by leaf shape and see displays of unique moss species that you can find in Odaigahara. You can also learn how to identify certain animals by their footprints and collect footprint stamps in your visitor center pamphlet. Stop by the visitor center before heading out on the surrounding trails to make the most out of your hiking experience.

The visitor center hosts events throughout its open season, including nature photography exhibitions, video screenings and guided nature walks in Yoshino-Kumano National Park.

visitor center  
Open 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Closed Late November – late April, when National Route 169 or the Odaigahara Driveway are closed due to inclement weather
Cost Free of charge
Address Kotochi 660-1, Kamikitayama Village, Yoshino County, Nara Prefecture
Phone (+81) 07468-3-0312
Website http://kinki.env.go.jp/nature/odaigahara/shisetsu/shisetsu_index.html (JP)

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