Heaps of snow in central Honshu

The mountains of Tokai and Hokuriku are located roughly in the center of Japan’s main island, and see plenty of snow between December and February every year. Resorts along the Sea of Japan coast and in the Hida area of Gifu are particularly popular. This region, whose Northern Alps are known as "the roof of Japan," is famous for its many hot springs, the World Heritage-designated village of Shirakawa-go, and numerous ski fields. Enjoy skiing on fresh snow while exploring mountain towns like Takayama (Gifu Prefecture) and the culturally vibrant city of Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture).
Heaps of snow in central Honshu

How to get there

The mountains of Hokuriku and Tokai are centrally located and therefore make an easy trip from Nagoya, Osaka or Tokyo. Nagoya’s Chubu Centrair International Airport serves as the best entry point for Gifu and other Tokai resorts if traveling from overseas. Kanazawa Station is easily accessible from Tokyo and is the best gateway to Hokuriku’s ski areas.

Skiing Around Kanazawa and Toyama

Kanazawa is just two and a half hours Tokyo by Hokuriku Shinkansen, and about the same distance from Nagoya and Osaka by limited express trains. From the culturally vibrant city, you can access nearby ski areas by bus or a short drive. Many Toyama resorts are nestled a 90-minute drive southwest from Toyama Station, also on the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

Skiing Around Gifu, Takayama, Shirakawa-go

Many of the best ski resorts in Tokai are around Takayama in Gifu Prefecture. Gifu Station is just a 20-minute train ride from Nagoya, while Takayama Station is about two and a half hours away. Many popular ski resorts are within a 45-minute drive of Takayama’s central area. This is also the location of Shirakawa-go, where you'll find well-preserved thatched-roof farmhouses nestled between the mountains.

Powdery slopes and family activities

Powdery slopes and family activities
The mountains of this region are coated with lots of snow every winter, making them perfect for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Many resorts here pair exciting slopes with a host of other snow activities. Hirugano Kogen Ski Resort offers snow rafting, sledding and other activities that are sure to entertain visitors of all ages.

Sweeping views of Mt. Fuji

Many ski resorts in Shizuoka and Yamanashi have picturesque views of Japan's most iconic peak, Mt. Fuji. Snow Town Yeti goes one step further, allowing visitors a chance to ski on the southern face of the country's national symbol. There's also a sledding slope and an Activity Park for the little ones.

Long trails for extended adventure

Ski resorts across the region have long slopes to add some distance to each run. Skijam Katsuyama in Fukui has the longest course this side of the Japan Alps at 5,800 meters long. The resort is usually open from mid-December until early April.
List of Tokai-Hokuriku Ski Resorts