Thank you for all of your submissions to the Japan Underwater Photo Contest 2020. After much consideration, we are pleased to announce the winners on this page.

Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

Jury Prize

Honorable Mention

Comment from the Judges

阿部 秀樹
Chief Judge Mr. Hideki Abe
堀口 和重
Judge Mr. Kazushige Horiguchi

Upon finishing our review, the first thing we felt was exhaustion. It was incredibly difficult to select photos from all of the amazing submissions. Our expectations were greatly surpassed. Compared to last year, the level of submissions from person to person this year was fantastic; some works that just missed out on being selected by a tiny fraction.
From drift ice to coral reefs, from bays to the open ocean, the variety on display and the way that the diving guides and photographers brought out the unique qualities of that variety, was astounding. Although we have seen oceans from all over the world, this contest gave us an opportunity to see Japan's ocean with fresh eyes and remember how wonderful it is.