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Ehime | Castle Stay in Ozu

Travel back in time and experience life as a feudal lord in the recently restored Ozu Castle

From July 2020 Ozu visitors have been able to enjoy an uncustomary treat: to overstay at a Japanese castle keep. This is a first in the archipelago. The castle donjon was recently reconstructed using original techniques and materials -timber structure-, thanks to valuable historical documents depicting its features prior to its disassembling in late 19th century. From the welcoming ceremony all the way to breakfast service on the following morning, visitors can experience life as it was felt by daimyos during Edo times. Sounds of horagai (shell trumpets) and musket blasts will greet guests at dusk, upon reaching the summit of the castle mound, as they did for the Kato daimyos 400 years ago. After taking a bath at a purposely built spa, guests are treated to a Shime Kagura performance (Intangible Cultural Property) and a carefully produced dinner is served. Weather permitting, a tsukimi gathering (moon contemplation) ensues. On the following morning guests are transferred to Garyu Sanso (Important Cultural Property), a sumptuous tea retreat where breakfast is enjoyed in full privacy. A unique experience awaits you.

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