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Ehime | Tea House in Ozu

GARYU SANSO A sumptuous tea house set on an idyllic location.
Kouchi Torajiro, an affluent Ozu emigrant and tea ceremony enthusiast built this exquisite retreat on a cliff overhanging the Hiji River at the onset of the 20th century. Based on the free port of Kobe and with good connections amongst the cultural elite of Kyoto, Torajiro made fortunes with green tea and Japanese wax trade. In a rapidly modernizing Japan, he found comfort in old traditions and commissioned to the finest craftsmen of the old capital, a compound where to celebrate performing arts and ‘the way of tea.’  A set of three pavilions, spread along a carefully designed roji garden (ten years in the making) stands at the site once occupied by Ozu daimyo’s villa. Despite its classic Japanese appearance, including thatched roofs, engawa, shoji sliding doors, and beautifully ornated tokonomas, much of the structural technology is Western-inspired. This sensible blending of cultures and techniques was decisive for its registration as an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs.



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