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Hot Waterfall Climbing in Hokkaido

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Climb up the mysterious Kamuy-wakka River in Shari, where hot springs warm the water and falls as you go upstream

Shari Town, Hokkaido



In the area at the foot of Mt. Io in the wild Shiretoko area of Hokkaido, you will find the Kamuy-wakka River, where hot springs flow.

Join this adventure up the river, where the temperature rises as you climb. When you finally reach the fourth waterfall, the water reaches a comfortable temperature of around 35 to 38 degrees Celsius. Crossing the steaming river while surrounded by untouched virgin forest feels like wandering into a different world.

Since 2006, access to areas of the Kamuy-wakka River above the second waterfall have been restricted. But due to popular demand, access was granted to visitors accompanied by a guide in 2023, allowing adventurers to explore the upper reaches of this wonder of nature for the first time in 18 years.

For those who want to explore even further, Kamuy-wakka is also the starting point for climbing Mt. Io, and the goal of the Shiretoko Mountain Range traverse.

Note that access to the Kamuy-wakka falls usually runs from July 1 to October 1, but be sure to check, as the schedule varies from year to year.


How to get there


When traveling by plane to Shiretoko/Utoro, the most convenient airport is Memanbetsu Airport, from which Utoro is approximately a 90-km drive away.

When arriving by train, there are limited express trains that run between Abashiri Station and Kushiro Station, from which you can transfer to a local train on the Senmo Main Line to Shiretoko-Shari Station.

There is also a bus that runs between Shiretoko-Shari Station and Utoro Bus Terminal, along with airport shuttle buses that connect Memanbetsu Airport, Abashiri Station, Shiretoko-Shari Station, and Utoro Bus Terminal.

The most popular way of getting from Utoro to Kamuy-wakka is by car.  However, there are certain times when the number of cars allowed in is strictly limited, so we suggest going to Shiretoko National Park Nature Center and boarding the shuttle bus bound for Kamuy-wakka. If you have booked an outdoor activity in Kamuy-wakka, show the driver your reservation email and you can ride for free.

For further details, please check the website below.


Onnebetsu-mura, Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido


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