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KYUSHU Travel Itinerary

KYUSHU Dig in & Eat up 5 days

Local specialty in Kyushu doesn’t stop at Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen. From grab-and-go snacks to local speciality food, this gourmet tour will make your mouth water.


Tonkotsu Ramen, Fukuoka / Mentaiko, Fukuoka

Things To Do

Fukuoka is said to be the treasure trove of food: many visitors come not only for sightseeing, but also for its local gourmet.
Fukuoka is so convenient that you can reach the city with a 10-minute train ride from the airport, which also serves as the gateway for the city!
It’s also the heaven of street food stalls. You can find food stalls lining up along the pathway in Tenjin and Nakasu area which is also popular among locals.
Here, you will find famous Tonkotsu Ramen, fried dumplings, mentaiko, etc. from these food stalls.


Saga Beef, Saga / Yobuko Ika (Live Squid Sashimi), Saga

Things To Do

Saga beef is a Wagyu (Japanese beef) brand which is known for its high quality and high ranks in many wagyu competitions. The soft texture and taste are just iressistible to all gourmet lovers!
After the amazing Saga beef, we will then enjoy some Yobuko Ika (Squid). This variety of squid from the Genkainada Sea of Japan is served straight away after catching to preserve the quality of the taste and its outstanding freshness.
You can also try Saga Prefectures’s potteries such as Arita-yaki, Imari-yaki and Karatsu-yaki which are famous all over the world. Using these beautifully crafted vessels to hold the delicious food, can raise the food appearance and impress everyone! So, check it out!


Nagasaki Chanpon & Sara Udon, Nagasaki / Castella, Nagasaki

Things To Do

While Japan was isolated for 200 years during the Edo era(A.D.1603~1867), the port town of Dejima, in Nagasaki, was the only port opened to foreign commerce. Thanks to this, Nagasaki where allowed many cultures to leave a trace in Japan, has its very own unique food culture.
During the Meiji era(A.D.1868~1912), Dejima and the military town of Sasebo prospered as entrance port-towns; they are opened up to the development of many foreign gourmet food in Japan.
Turkish Rice is a specialty dish of Nagasaki consisting of pork cutlet, spaghetti, and rice pilaf served on a single plate.
Although it is called “Turkish” rice, Turkish rice is an entirely Nagasaki-born dish.


Miyazaki Jidori Chicken, Miyazaki / Chicken Namban, Miyazaki

Things To Do

Miyazaki, one of Japan’s leading livestock prefecture, offers undoubtedly delicious meat. The charcoal grilled jidori chicken has become a real trend through the country and Miyazaki is the birthplace of chicken namban.
Considered as Miyazaki’s soul food, chicken nanban is dipped in sweet vinegar, and eaten with tartar sauce.
In addition, you might enjoy exquisite B-class gourmet cuisine, such as the meat-wrapped rice-balls.
B-class gourmet(refers to more affordable and casual food) food is traditional everyday food, and you’ll definitely want to come back to!


Miyazaki Fruits, Miyazaki

Things To Do

Miyazaki, facing the Pacific Ocean, has a warm climate and long daylight hours. Therefore, it is a real fruits’ wonderland, for even tropical fruits which is very rare in Japan can grow in Miyazaki.
Even in winter, you can go for strawberry and citrus picking too!
For a quick taste, you can go to any cafe and order a fruits parfait or a fruits sandwich to enjoy a sweet moment during the trip.

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