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KYUSHU Travel Itinerary

KYUSHU Nature & Culture 5 days

Let’s stretch our legs and enjoy nature and culture in Kyushu ! We will start with Yakushima, a World Heritage Site, Gunkanjima, Amakusa area – and let’s not forget an unforgettable, new kind of natural experience.


Yakushima, Kagoshima / Jomon Cedar, Kagoshima

Things To Do

Approximately 2hrs from Kagoshima by high-speed boat, Yakushima is an island 90% covered with forests. Part of it is even registered as a World Natural Heritage Site. Among them, you can find the oldest Jomon cedar tree: it’s over 2000 years old and a must-see! Reaching it takes a 5 hour-long trek, so make sure you prepare sensible shoes for the walk!
If you need some rest in between, you are recommended to take a break after walking for three hours at Wilson Stump, the remains of a huge sugi tree cut down over 400 years ago. Dive into the Wilson Stump, and take gorgeous pictures through its heart-shaped hole!


Ibusuki Natural Sand Bath, Kagoshima / Ibusuki Onsen, Kagoshima

Things To Do

Visit Ibusuki, Kagoshima, and you must try the Natural Sand Bath once! A unique bathing method: bathing in the sand warmed by the hot springs water along the coastline. Just lie down on the beach and enjoy the coastline view while having a full body detox.
Just like in a sauna, it takes around 10 minutes for your whole body to sweat, warm up entirely from the inside, and for the detox effect to show up.
End your day by enjoying a luxury experience at the still erupting infinity hot springs and their ocean view in Sakurajima.


Mt. Aso’ Caldera, Kumamoto / Kusasenrigahama, Kumamoto

Things To Do

About 2 hours from Kumamoto via the Limited Express and local bus, you will reach Mt. Aso, an active volcano in central Kyushu. You can enjoy the dynamic scenery of the huge crater emitting white smoke up close.
However, if high level of volcanic activities occurred, you might not be possible to get close to the crater.
Another destination is Kusasenrigahama, a typical destination for tourism in Aso.
Take a leisurely stroll through the idyllic landscape of cows and horses while Mt. Aso Nakadake is sending up white smoke in the distance.


Hashima (Gunkanjima), Nagasaki / Glover Garden, Nagasaki / Meganebashi Bridge, Nagasaki

Things To Do

Gunkanjima was once prospered as a coal mining city, supporting the modernization industry from early 19th century. Gunkanjima reached a peak population of 5259 people in 1959. However, as the major energy source went from coal to oil, the mine closed in 1974 and the island has been deserted right after that. If you love to explore ruins, this place is perfect for you! Hop on a cruising ship and start your time travel to the past!
After this, how about taking a stroll in the city? Explore the Glover Garden, a former Nagasaki foreign settlement which is located on a hill overlooking the Nagasaki port; or the oldest arched stone bridge in Japan, the Meganebashi bridge.


Kujukushima (Saikai National Park), Nagasaki / Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki

Things To Do

Kujuku Isles, consisting in 208 intricate islands, is a splendid natural landscape. Most of the islands are deserted islands, but 4 among them are actually inhabited. You can go for a cruise tour to stroll between the islands or enjoy the panoramic view from the observatory.
Huis Ten Bosch is a popular theme park, located in Sasebo. The park recreates a Dutch city’s landscape, complete with seasonal flowers, illuminations and of course attractions and entertainment show – various attractions make one day too short to enjoy them all!
If you visit Sasebo, then you need to taste the “Sasebo burger”. Hamburgers are believed to be brought into Sasebo by the US military. The US military provided the recipe of their favorite food and the locals started making hamburgers with local ingredients. Since then, Sasebo has become the “Land of Hamburgers” in Japan.

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