Regions of Japan

Hokkaido Tohoku Hokuriku
  • Hokkaido
Sub-zero temperatures and the greatest of outdoor environments, complemented by sizzling soul food and warm-hearted welcomes. Japan's great white north offers wild, white winters and bountiful summers—a haven for dedicated foodies, nature lovers and outdoor adventure fans seeking an adrenaline rush
  • Aomori
  • Akita
  • Iwate
  • Yamagata
  • Miyagi
  • Fukushima
Sleek apple-red and electric-green shinkansen whisk you up to a haven of fresh powder snow, fresh fruit and fearsome folk legends Fearsome festivals, fresh powder and vast fruit orchards—the rugged northern territory of Tohoku offers a fresh perspective on travel in Japan
Hokuriku Shinetsu
Hokuriku Shinetsu
  • Niigata
  • Toyama
  • Ishikawa
  • Fukui
  • Nagano
Mountains and sea meet in one of Japan's wildest regions, and the result is sheer beauty. Once largely inaccessible, Hokuriku is now reachable by shinkansen from Tokyo in a matter of hours An easily accessible slice of rural Japan offering unrivaled mountainscapes and coastlines, endless outdoor adventure and amazing ocean fare
  • Tokyo
  • Kanagawa
  • Chiba
  • Saitama
  • Ibaraki
  • Tochigi
  • Gunma
Characterized by the constant buzz of the world's most populous metropolitan area, the Kanto region is surprisingly green with an array of escapes that include mountainous getaways and subtropical islands Experience diversity at its fullest, from the neon of Tokyo to the ski slopes of Gunma, exotic wildlife of the Ogasawara Islands and cultural heritage of Kamakura
  • Yamanashi
  • Shizuoka
  • Gifu
  • Aichi
  • Mie
Served by the shinkansen line that connects Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, the Tokai region provides plenty of interesting diversions and easy excursions Tokai means "eastern sea," and this region stretches east from Tokyo to Kyoto and includes blockbuster attractions such as Mt. Fuji and Takayama
  • Kyoto
  • Osaka
  • Shiga
  • Hyogo
  • Nara
  • Wakayama
From raucous nights out to outdoor thrills to peaceful reverie, trying to categorize the Kansai region is a futile task The Kansai region is one of extreme contrasts—the neon lights of Osaka and glittering Kobe nightscape, the peaceful realms of Shiga, Wakayama and Nara, and the cultured refinement of Kyoto
  • Tottori
  • Shimane
  • Okayama
  • Hiroshima
  • Yamaguchi
Less-traveled and delightfully inaccessible at times, the Chugoku region is a reminder that the journey is sometimes more important than the destination Welcome to Japan's warm and friendly western frontier, where the weather is warmer and the pace of life is slower
  • Tokushima
  • Kagawa
  • Ehime
  • Kochi
Providing the stage for literary classics, fevered dancing and natural wonders Island-hopping, cycling, soul-warming spiritual strolling and red-hot dancing—the island of Shikoku gets you up and moving
  • Fukuoka
  • Saga
  • Nagasaki
  • Oita
  • Kumamoto
  • Miyazaki
  • Kagoshima
Easily reached by land, sea and air, the dynamic Kyushu prefectures are bubbling with energy, culture and activity The southern island of Kyushu is home to volcanoes ranging from sleepy to smoky, succulent seafood, steaming hot springs and the country's hottest entrepreneurial town
  • Okinawa
Ruins and recreated castles of the Ryukyu kings nestle amid magnificent beaches in Okinawa, a diver's paradise teeming with an amazing array of coral and undersea life Fly to Okinawa and discover a distinct island culture born of subtropical sun, white sand, coral, mangrove jungles and the age of the Ryukyu Kings

List of Volunteer Guides

Systematized Goodwill Guide Groups—or SGG groups—use their foreign language skills in a variety of volunteer activities to assist overseas visitors in different locations throughout Japan

SGG groups are registered with JNTO and some groups offer tourists from overseas free local tours in English and other languages. Feel free to contact any of the SGG groups listed and make arrangements for a personal tour if you are planning to visit one of the places included in the list. These volunteer guides will make your visit to the place of your choice much more memorable and rewarding.


Furano Ski Host

Guide Area Furano Ski Area
Guide Spot Furano Ski Area
Languages available English, (Chinese, French, Italian by appointment only)
Message This service is the best way of getting to know the vast range of slopes at Furano Ski Area. We will take you on runs which suit your ability, whether you are a skier or a snowboarder.

Hakodate Goodwill Guide Association

Guide Area Hakodate Area
Guide Spot Morning Market/Motomachi /Bay Area & Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse Goryokaku Park & Hakodate Magistrate' Office /Mt. Hakodate
Languages available English, Chinese & Korean
Message Our guide service is basically for 3 hours which could be extended.
How to Apply:
1. Visit our website above.
2. Fill out the TOUR BOOKING FORM (TBF) attached to our return mail.
3. Send it back to us at least three weeks in advance. We are unable to accept reservations for our service more than two months before you visit Hakodate.
Please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you in HAKODATE.


Hiraizumi Goodwill Guides

Guide Area Hiraizumi
Guide Spot Chuson-ji Temple, Motsu-ji Temple, Takkoku no Iwaya and other historical sites.
Annual festivals include: Hatsukaya (Jan. 20th),Setsubun (early Feb.), Spring Fujiwara Festival (May 1st~5th), Floating Poetry Festival (4th Sun. in May), Iris Festival (June 20th-July 10th), Mizukake Mikoshi Festival (late July), Torch-lit O Noh (Aug. 14th), Daimon-ji Bonfire Festival (Aug. 16th), Bush Clover Festival (Sept. 15th-30th), Autumn Fujiwara Festival (Nov. 1st-3rd).
Languages available English, Chinese, German
Message In 2011, five temples and gardens in Hiraizumi associated with the Pure Land were designated as a World Heritage Site. We can show you around Hiraizumi at your request. Please contact Mr. Iwabuchi by e-mail, telephone or fax at least one week in advance.
Service hours: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Morioka Goodwill Guides

Guide Area Morioka City and its surrounding municipalities
Guide Spot Morioka castle site, Hachiman Shrine, Sakurayama Shrine, Splitting cherry tree, Mitsu-ishi Shrine (Devil's hand prints), Hoonji Temple(Five hundred statues)
Festivals: "Chagu Chagu Umakko" (every year, the second Saturday of June), "Sansa Dance
Parade (every year,August.1st to 4th), "Hachiman Shrine Festival" (every year, Sep.14th to 16th)
Languages available English
Message About 400 years ago, the history of Morioka began at the time when the Morioka lord of the Nanbu clan built his residential castle in the center of Morioka which was surrounded by three rivers. And Morioka prospered as a castle town and nowadays continues


Matsushima Goodwill Guides

Guide Area Miyagi-ken Matsushima-cho
Guide Spot Zuigannji Temple, Godaido Temple, Entsuin Temple Fukurajima island, Oshima island , Matsushima Bay cruising
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish
Message Matsushima's beautiful scenery was greatly praised by Matsuo Basho, the most famous Edo era poet, about 350 years ago. Matsushima also serves us delicious ocean and mountain foods. Matsushima has been a sacred place for 1,300 years. Zuiganji Temple, a na

Miyagi Goodwill Guide Club (MGGC)

Guide Area Around Miyagi
Guide Spot Sendai (Tanabata, Star Festival) Matsushia, Shiroishi,
Languages available English,Chinese,French,Russian,Spanish,German,Korean,Swahili, Nepalese, Hindi
Message MGGC(Miyagi Goodwill Guide Club) is a volunteer group started in 1985 aiming at helping visitors from abroad enjoy traveling and staying in Miyagi without getting troubled by language problems. We have nearly 90 members who are registered to this club as


Aizu Wakamatsu International Association

Guide Area Aizu wakamatsu city and the nearby area
Guide Spot Tsuruga-jo Castle and other historical sites
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean
Message Come experience the history of the "Samurai City". Enjoy the sights, atmosphere, and hospitality that is unique to Aizu Wakamatsu.


Chinone Group

Guide Area Tokyo, Mito city,nTokai-Mura
Guide Spot We will show you around in your favorite places.
Languages available English
Message Contact us at least three months before your trip.

Chiyoda Circle

Guide Area Kasumigaura-City, Tsukuba City, Tsuchiura-City and surrounding area.
Guide Spot Tsukuba Science City, Mt.Tsukuba, Ushiku-Buddha Statue, Lake Kasumigaura, second largest lake in Japan etc.
Languages available English
Message We can take you around at your request.


Guide Area This group is not providing any kind of tour guide.
Guide Spot
Languages available English
Message COSMO ECHO is providing foreign visitors with opportunities to experience Japanese culture such as the tea-ceremony, flower-arrangement, calligraphy, wearing a kimono and so on. However, we are not providing any kind of tour guide.


Guide Spot
Languages available English

N & N Guide Organization

Guide Area Kanto District in Japan
Guide Spot Kanto District in Japan
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean, Portugee, Thai
Message You can contact us via cell phone.
Cell phone: 090-1102-5114


Nikko SGG Club

Guide Area Nikko City
Guide Spot World Heritage Site (Shrines and Temples in Nkko)
Languages available English
Message We hope everyone will visit Nikko. With a 2 week advance notice we can arrange a guide for you.


Guide Area Utsunomiya City, Nikko City and Inner Nikko, Mashiko and Oya Town
Guide Spot Nikko World Heritage Site, Lake Chuzenji, The Kegon Fall, Mashiko Pottery Town, Oya Temple & Oya Museum, Utsunomiya Castle Ruins Park
Languages available English, Chinese
(Mr. Masashi Hirota)
Message Offering Guide Attendance,please send your Application Form two weeks before the date of attendance. (pls contact with Home Page of JNTO or USGG) Besides guide service, we serve counter guide for tourists at JR Utsunomiya Station every weekend.


Friday club

Guide Area Ota-city
Guide Spot Daikoin temple, Mantokuji temple, Ota sports park
Languages available English


The Kawagoe English Walkers

Guide Area Kawagoe
Guide Spot Kitain Buddhist Temple, City Museum, Ichiban-gai Street with Kurazukuri houses
Languages available English


Association of Narita Volunteer Guides

Guide Area Within the grounds of Naritasan Temple and adjacent park.
Guide Spot Main Gate, Niomon Gate, Bell Tower, Store of whole Sutras, Three storied Pagoda, Great Main Hall, Shakado Hall, Votive Tablet Hall, Komyodo Hall, Great Pagoda of Peace.
Languages available English
Message One of the most popular Buddhist Temples in Japan, conveniently located near Narita International Airport. You can enjoy not only historical buildings and Buddhist statues, but the Fire ceremony of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism.

Kashiwa Goodwill Guide Association

Guide Area Kashiwa (and neighboring area), Narita and Tokyo
Guide Spot (1) Sightseeing: We can pick you up at your hotel or Narita Airport. We will guide you to the cozy local places in Kashiwa and also Tokyo.
(2) Visit a Japanese House
(3) Experience of Japanese Culture
(4) Spiritual Experience in Kashiwa
(5) Shopping Guide
(6) Annual Events Guide for each season
Languages available English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, French, German, Thai, Portuguese, Indonesian, Malay, Romanian.
Contact ,
Tel: 04-7164-0832
Message Kashiwa Goodwill Guide Association is more than your average City Tour Guide.We are here to show you a new and exciting way to explore new destinations including the suburbs of Tokyo.
If you’re looking for a private tour or if you’d like to experience the real Japan including cultures, please contact Tsunetaro Iwatate with the subject of “Kashiwa experience tour” or “TOKYO NARITA Guide”.

Nagareyama SGG Club

Guide Area Nagareyama, its surroundings and Tokyo
Guide Spot Registered national tangible cultural property sites
Issa Sojyu memorial hall, (Issa Kobayashi: Japan's famous Haiku poet)
Encampment of Shinsen-gumi (special police force during Bakumatsu period)
Tone Canal: relaxation & scenic course in nature along the canal designed by a Dutch engineer at Meiji era.
Languages available English, French, Spanish, Chinese
Contact HP:
Tel: 04-7152-2788
Message Please contact us without hesitation. We provide you with volunteer tour guide services depending on your requests. Please contact us without hesitation, preferably three weeks prior to your visit. Access: About 30 minutes by train from Tokyo area. We will make your dream come true. Discover real Japan!!


Capital Tokyo West (CTW) SGG

Guide Area Mainly Western Tokyo Inclusive of Whole Tokyo Areas
Guide Spot Popular Japanese gardens, temples, shrines, museums, famous tourist attractions and areas such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Yoyogi, Roppongi, Azabu, Daiba, Tsukiji, Ginza, Bunkyo, Akihabara, Kanda, Ueno, Yanaka, Nezu, Nippori, Ryogoku, Sumida, Asakusa and TDR, etc.
Languages available English, French & Italian
Message We are pleased to take you around at your request for relaxation or sightseeing in shopping districts, noted places of culture and history such as temples, shrines and gardens every day except on August 13th to 15th and December 29th to January 3rd.

Edo Tokyo Guide Group

Guide Area Tokyo
Guide Spot Typically but not limited to; 1) Imperial Palace area, 2) Harajuku & Meiji Shrine, 3) Shibuya 4) Odaiba 5) Ginza 6) Kagurazaka 7) Ueno & Yanaka 8) Asakusa & Skytree 9) Akihabara 10) Tsukiji & Hamarikyu Garden
Languages available English, French, German, Spanish, Italian
Message It is our great pleasure to help you make your stay enjoyable and fruitful. Eexplore ever-changing Tokyo. Find new culture and feel hundreds of years history. We'll make your own itinerary based on your requests or wishes. The history of each spot will bring your imagination into those days, when the city was called "Edo".

Shinagawa SGG Club

Guide Area Tokyo and its vicinity
Guide Spot Fish Market (after 9:00am), Imperial East Garden and other Japanese Gardens, Ginza, Harajuku (Meiji Shrine), Ueno, Asakusa, Odaiba, Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc.
Languages available Mostly English, (French, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin are exceptional)
Message We accommodate your personal requests for sightseeing, shopping, etc. We are foreigner-friendly volunteer guides who love intercultural communications and exchanges with you. Apply at least two weeks in advance to our office by e-mail.

The Japanese Red Cross Language Service Volunteers

Guide Area Tokyo metropolitan area Locations near Tokyo which would not require an overnight stay
Guide Spot Many places in the Tokyo metropolitan area Negotiable, please let us know which places you would like to visit
Languages available Mostly English
Message We provide tour guides for the physically challenged, in line with the Red Cross principles. Please contact us at least two weeks prior to your planned tour date and explain how we can accommodate for disabilities.

Tokyo Free Walking Tour

Guide Area Tokyo
Guide Spot 1. East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
2. Asakusa
3. Meiji Shrine and Harajuku
Languages available English
Message Tokyo Free Walking Tour is a group of enthusiastic volunteer tour guides active since 2008.
We conduct regular tours on Saturdays and Sundays, and occasional weekday tours.
The tour is totally free of charge, and no reservation is needed.
Visit our website, and hop on our tour!

Tokyo International Student Guide

Guide Area Tokyo Metropolitan area and its neighbouring town
Guide Spot We can take you to any tourist spots and other places to meet your request.
Languages available English, French, German, Chinese and Korean
Message Please send us your guiding request at least two weeks in advance in order to complete your itinerary by cantacting each other via e-mail before your arriving.
Some of our members cannot speak your language fluently, but every one of them has a good


Guide Area 1. Asakusa Area
2. Historical spots of temples, shrines, memorials, museums in the Ueno Park
3. Imperial Palace
4. Yanaka Area
Guide Spot 1. Asakusa Kannon Temple Area and it's neighborhood
2. Historical spots of temples, shrines, memorials, museums in the Ueno Park
3. Imperial Palace Outer Garden and East Garden
4. Yanaka Ginza shopping street, Yanaka Cemetery and centuries-old town district with temples
Languages available English
Message 1. No need to make reservation. Please come to each designated TOKYO SGG CLUB counter desk before tour starting time.
2. The number of participants may be limited on a first-come-first -served basis.
3. The tour maybe cancelled without prior notice.

Koto English-speaking Volunteer Guide Association(KEV)

Guide Area East Tokyo(Mainly Koto city)
Guide Spot 1)Fukagawa Fudo-do Temple and Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, 2)Fukagawa Edo Museum and Kiyosumi Garden, 3)Sunamachi Ginza shopping street, 4)Sumo stable, Basho Museum, and other
Languages available English
Message Our free waling tours take you off the beaten path to experience both historical side and everyday life of Tokyo, such as wandering into a revived street corner of the last samurai era at a cozy museum, taking a stroll in a refreshing Japanese garden, watching sumo morning practice and getting to know the locals in the marketalley. More details and booking through our website!


Kanagawa Systematized Good Will Guide Club

Guide Area Kanagawa Prefecture
Guide Spot Yokohama City, Kamakura City, Kawasaki City and Enoshima Island
Languages available English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Thai
Message Request for our services and inquiry
We provide foreign visitors with voluntary sightseeing tour guide services mainly in Yokohama, Kamakura, Kawasaki & Enoshima.
To inquire or apply for the guided tours, please e-mail us at

Odawara Hakone Systematized Goodwill Guide Club

Guide Area Entire Hakone region and Odawara town
Odawara area including Odawara castle, Ichiya-jyo castle, Odawara town, and surrounding area.
Guide Spot Hiking and Hot springs experience, Visiting Musiums and Historical spots, Round trip of Hakone by Mountain train, Cable car, Rope way, Pirates boat. Odawara castle, Ichiya-jyo castle, Odawara town.
Languages available English , French , Korea , Spanish , German
Message Odawara and Hakone Systematized Goodwill Guide Club(OHSGG) provides voluntary sightseeing guide services in foreign languages around the area of Hakone and Odawara to assist visitors from outside of Japan and non-Japanese speaking residents.
Our group is a non-profitable organization established in 1996 as one of the systematized goodwill guide groups under Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO).


DSI Volunteer Guide

Guide Area Sado Island
Guide Spot Any places upon requests throughout the island
Languages available English
Message Contact us at least two weeks in advance of your intended visit. We may not be able to arrange our services to all requests due to our staff's availability.


Kanazawa Goodwill Guide Network

Guide Area Kanazawa City
Guide Spot Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle Park, Higashi Chaya District, Nagamachi Buke Yashiki District,
Languages available English
Message Please apply to KGGN office at least two weeks in advance through our website.


Fukui Phoenix SGG

Guide Area Fukui City & its neighborhood
Guide Spot Eiheiji temple, Echizen Bamboo Doll Craft Studio, Maruoka Castle Asakura Clan Ruins, Tojimbo
Languages available English
Message Fukui is a local city rich in nature and full of tradition. There are many places where you can learn its history. Come visit us!! We are happy to guide you in Fukui city and its neighborhood.


Yamanashi Goodwill Guide Association

Guide Area Yamamanashi Prefecture
Guide Spot Mt.Fuji and Lakes,Erinjitemple, Syosenkyo Gorge, Mt. Iwadono and Saruhashi Bridge
Languages available English, Chinese

Yamanashi Systematized Goodwill Guide

Guide Area Within Yananashi prefecture including Mt.Fuji Yoshidaguchi
Guide Spot Mt.Fuji_Kofu,Katsunuma Area
Languages available Mainly English and Korean
Message Please visit our homepage:
and contact e-mail:


Alps Language Service Association

Guide Area Matsumoto city
Guide Spot Matsumoto castle
Languages available English(main), French, Spanish ,Korean, Russian
Message 1. Guides available on site (April - November, 10:00 to 15:00 daily)
(Reservation is not required.)
2. Guides available by request (throughout the year, by reservation 2 weeks in advance only)

Bonsho no Kai

Guide Area The area in and around Nagano city
Guide Spot Zenkoji temple, Mastusiro, Togakusi, Obuse
Languages available English, chinese, German

Matsumoto City International Society

Guide Area Matsumoto City and its surrounding areas
Guide Spot up to the requests
Languages available English
Message We mainly accept the inspection of government officers and tour agents who are interested in the local government operations and tourism policies.

Matsumoto SGG Club

Guide Area Matsumoto City
Guide Spot Matsumoto Castle _ Matsumoto City Museum _ Former kaichi School
Languages available English


Gifu Goodwill Guides Network

Guide Area Gifu prefecture
Guide Spot Gifu city,Kakamigahara city,Gujo city,Ogaki city,(mainly)
Languages available English, Chinese, French
Message Gifu Goodwill Guides Network is a non-profit organization, established in March 2005. We will offer you volunteer guide services for sightseeing tours in Gifu Prefecture . We hope to promote mutural understanding through this grass-roots services..


Atami Guide Club

Guide Area Atami City
Guide Spot Kiunkaku, Kinomiya Shrine, Plum Garden, Geigi Kenban, Izusan Shrine, Atami Castle, Beach
Languages available English
Message Please see the following website:
(1) ,

Ito Systematizad Goodwill Guide

Guide Area Ito
Guide Spot _ Mt. Omuro,Jogasaki Coast & Lake Ippeki
_ historical Spots of Ito (Shrines &Temples)
Languages available English(main) German & Spanish (OK)

IZU Systematized Goodwill Guide Club

Guide Area Shimoda, Kawazu, Miami Izu Area
Guide Spot Historic walk( Gyokusenji temple, Ryosenji temple, Shirahama shrine etc) We can guide you whatever you like.
Languages available English
Message E-mail us first.
We will arrange memorable day for you.

Shimoda International Club

Guide Area Shimoda_ Kawazu_ Minami Izu in Izu Peninsula , Shizuoka Prefecture
Guide Spot Shimoda- downtown area Kawazu_Minami Izu- based on the request
Languages available English, German, Spanish


Aichi Goodwill Guides Network

Guide Area Nagoya and its surroundings
Guide Spot Nagoya Castle, Osu Shopping Arcade, Atsuta Jingu Shrine,Tokugawa Museum, Arimatsu, Shirotori Garden, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, etc.
Languages available English(mainly), Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese

Chita Peninsula SGG Club

Guide Area Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture
Guide Spot Nankichi Memorial Museum Handa City Musuem Sake Museum Pottery Path (in Tokoname)
Languages available
Message Chita Peninsula SGG Club is a group of volunteer guides and interpreters established to introduce foreign visitors to Japanese history and culture, especially here in the Chita Peninsula. We can offer you English guided tours to some interesting places he

Inuyama Goodwill Guide

Guide Area Inuyama Castle & surrounding areas
Guide Spot Inuyama Castle, Inuyama Old town & Historical Museum Uraku-en Garden & Joan-Tea Ceremony House, The Museum Meijimura
Languages available English, German, Chinese and Korean
Message Wander back in time to old Japan with a visit to Inuyama. Home to one of only four original National Treasure Castles and one of only three National Treasure Tea Houses remaining in Japan. Along with a beautifully restored Main Street full of unique shops


Iga SGG Club

Guide Area Iga City
Guide Spot Ninja Museum, Danjiri (festival float) Museum, Ueno Castle,
Languages available English
Message We are the volunteer guide group in Iga City, the birthplace of Ninja and Basho, a master of Haiku poetry. With genuine and heart-warming hospitality, we offer free guided tours in English.


Hikone Volunteer Guide Association

Guide Area Hikone City and its surrounding area
Guide Spot Hikone Castle, Genkyu-en Garden, Hikone Castle Museum, and Hikone Castle Town. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in other places in and around Hikone.
Languages available English, Malay, and Indonesian
Message Guide service is free of charge. However, we charge 1,000 yen for guide's transportation. In case of no-shows or cancellations on the booked day, we also charge 1,000 yen for the guide's transportation. Book online a week in advance.



Guide Spot Anywhere in Kyoto where the tourist wishes to visit including temples and shrines such as Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkaku-ji temple, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine etc.
Languages available English
Message Hello!
We are the Good Samaritan Club!
We are a group of university students that provides volunteer guides for foreign tourists in Kyoto, Japan.
We are composed of students from various universities in Kyoto.

Goodwill Guide on Kyoto Handicraft & Historical Sites

Guide Area Kyoto city and its surrounding area
Guide Spot Any spots guests want to visit, as far as it's practicable
Languages available English, Chinese, French, Thai
Service hours: Basically 9:00-17:00
Message Kyoto has so many attractive things to offer to you. We are willing to guide you ancient temples, colorful shrines, refined gardens, traditional townhouses and so on. Not only these spots, we are glad to introduce you the art of handicraft the people of Kyoto have been cherishing for a long time. Our members are looking forward to guiding you soon.

Kyoto (East) S.G.G.Club

Guide Area Kyoto City
Guide Spot Higashiyama area, Kinkakuji temple area, Nijo Castle, Arashiyama area, Downtown, Fushimi Inari shrine, etc.
Languages available English
Message We are providing tour guides for overseas tourists.
Those who need our tour guide service are requested to visit our website and email us with tour information on the items shown there from two weeks to one month before visiting Kyoto.

Kyoto SGG Associates

Guide Area Kyoto City and the surrounding area
Guide Spot _Kiyomizu-dera _Kinkakuji _Fushimiinari _Arashiyama Theme Walks Kyoto_There are many beautiful places in Kyoto. We can also arrange a custom course as requested.
Languages available English, Chinese and Korean
Message Kyoto was a capital during over 1000 years. Please come and visit World Cultural Heritage in Kyoto and enjoy beautiful scenery with us.

Sakura Volunteer Guide Club

Guide Area Kyoto, Nara, Shiga
Guide Spot A : Nijo Castle - Golden Pavilion - Kiyomizu Temple
B : Fushimi Inari Shrine - Sanjusangen-do Temple - Kiyomizu Temple
C : Silver Pavilion - Philosopher's Walk - Eikan-do Temple or Nanzen-ji Temple
Languages available English
Message Our tours can accommodate up to 6 people. Please set your tour date within three months of your arrival, at least 2 weeks before the day you'd like to book. If you'd like to book more than one day, please submit a separate form for each additional day. We would be very happy to help your understanding.

SGG Club Kyoto West

Guide Area Kyoto City
Guide Spot Kyoto City
Languages available English

The Volunteer Guide Association of Kansai Traditional Handicrafts (KADEKO SGG KANSAI)

Guide Area Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Hyogo(Kobe), Shiga, Wakayama
Guide Spot World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO; traditional handicrafts artisan's houses; traditional culture workshop (Japanese tea ceremony, Ikebana e.g.) including traditional entertainment such as Japanese dance-Kabuki, Noh play e.g.
Languages available Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese
OPEN/CLOSE: 10:00-17:00
※Our tour guide service would be flexible.
Message Dear Sir/Madam, Welcome to Japan. We are so glad to meet you and would like to guide you in beautiful Japan. KADEKO SGG Kansai was organized to conserve Japanese Culture as well as Traditional Handicrafts Industries in 2010. Our concept is "Warm Heart." We sincerely believe that the most important thing is "Warm Heart" for human being. Looking forward to meeting you here in Kansai Direct. With warm heart. Shigeharu Nakano Chairman of KADEKO SGG Kansai


Foreigner Guides Net Osaka

Guide Area Osaka, Kyoto, Nara
Guide Spot Any place, up to guest's request
Languages available English, Chinese

Osaka SGG Club

Guide Area Osaka (Kyoto, Nara, Kobe provided you stay in Osaka)
Guide Spot Places of historic interest, scenic beauty and modern atraction in these areas, depending on the request from the visitors
Languages available Mostly English (guide in German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian could be provided when possible)
Message Visit our homepage for our terms & conditions for guiding.
Write Request Form and apply in advance to us by e-mail .
For convenience of communication, we suggest you contact us at the e-mail address.

Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club

Guide Area Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Shiga
Guide Spot Osaka Castle or Nijyo Castle etc.following the requests of overseas tourists
Languages available English, French and Chinese
Message Osaka Tenma Yomiuri SGG Club was awarded Excellent Goodwill Guide SGG by JNTO and we will accept you request a week before your arrival.


Himeji Goodwill Guide Kashinoki-kai

Guide Area Himeji City
Guide Spot Himeji Castle, koko-En, Mt.Shosha, Nearby Sites and Fighting Festival
Languages available English
Message The Main Tower of Himeji Castle is under renovation. It will be reopened next March 27

Kobe SGG club

Guide Area Kobe,Osaka,Kyoto,Nara,Himeji
Guide Spot Kobe Nunobiki Ropeway and Herb Gardens, Mt.Rokko, Arima Hot Springs,Harborland,Meriken Park,Nada Sake Breweries,Kitano Foreiners' Residences,China Town,Pearl Bridge, Disaster Reduction and Human Renobation Institution, Ikuta Shrine
(Kobe Special Gourmet:Kobe beaf,Confectionery, Sake, Kobe Wine)
Languages available English, Spanish, French, Germany, Chinese, Korean
Message We can take you around at your request. For us to provide better services please apply two weeks in advance. We will suggest and arrange your day tour with courtesy. Our motto is to make your visit enjoyable and comfortable. Please visit our website and f

Kobe Voluntary Good-Will Guides (K.V.G.G)

Guide Area Kansai area (A day's trip area from Kobe)
Guide Spot Kobe, Arima onsen, Himeji castle, Takarazuka, Osaka, Nara,
Languages available English
Message Apply for the services at least three days in advance.

Takarazuka Bunkazai Guide Society

Guide Area mainly Takarazuka City
Guide Spot Junrei Kaido(The Pilgrim Highway), Nakayamadera Temple, Horticulture-area, Kiyoshi-kojin Seichoji Temple & Tessai Museum, The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum
Languages available Japanese/ English
Message Please apply 3-7 days in advance.

Volunteer Guide Association of Himeji Castle

Guide Area Himeji Castle and Kokoen Garden
Guide Spot West Bailey _ Second Bailey _ Main Bailey, Main tower
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean
Message Usually reserved guided tours are not accepted. Almost every day several of our members attend the office near the ticket office for guiding. When we are ready to guide visitors around the Castle, we put up a signboard near the Ticket Office of the Castle, saying "Free English-speaking guided tour Available".



Languages available ENGLISH, CHINESE, FRENCH
TEL: 0745-74-6800
FAX: 0745-75-9090
OPEN/CLOSE: 9:00AM-17:00PM
Message Free guiding service for Horyuji-Temple in English, Chinese and French.


Guide Area NARA Prefecture
Guide Spot Nara Park Area as it includes three basic must-see-spots, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and so on.
Languages available English (for other languages, please contact us.)
TEL: 0742-22-5595
FAX: 0742-22-5595
OPEN/CLOSE: 9:00-19:00
Message We are dedicated to creating an environment where international visitors can enjoy safe and comfortable stays in Japan.
Please book at least 3 days in advance.

Nara Student Guide

Guide Area Nara
Guide Spot Kohukuji-temple, Todaiji-temple, Kasuga-shrine are the main spots but we can guide you anywhere in Nara.
Languages available English

Nara YMCA Goodwill Guides

Guide Area Nara Prefecture, Nara City
Guide Spot Nara Park (Todaiji, Kasuga Taisha, Kofukuji Isuien Garden),Nara-mach,etc. Toshodai-ji,Yakushi-ji, Horyu-ji Temples, and other places upon requests.
Languages available English
Message We are semiprofessional guides who have been trained about Nara, Japanese history and culture.We are waiting for your requests and looking forward to meeting you soon.

NPO Nara Guide Club

Guide Area Nara city and its environs
Guide Spot Kohfukuji Temple, Todaiji Temple, Kasugataisha Shrine, Isuien Japanese Garden, Naramachi Town, Yakushiji Temple, Toshodaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple and so on
Languages available English, Korean, Chinese


Wakayama Interpreter Volunteer Club

Guide Area North of Wakayama
Guide Spot Koyasan, Wakayama city,Kinokawa city and Hashimoto city and surrounding area We can take you around at your request.
Languages available English
Message Apply at least two weeks in advance to by e-mail.


Yonago Goodwill Guide

Guide Area Yonago City and Sakaiminato City
Guide Spot Old downtown in Yonago, Umbrella factory, Mattcha tea shop, Kimono shop, Tottori Prefecture Flower Park, Sakaiminato Fish Market, and Mt. Daisen
Languages available English and Korean
Message Telephone information service is not available.


Iwami SGG Club (Iwami Systematized Goodwill Guides Club)

Guide Area Tsuwano, Hagi, Masuda, Hamada
Guide Spot Tsuwano(Taikodani Inari Shrine, Tsuwano Castle Ruins, traditional streets),Hagi(Hagi Museum, Shoin Shrine), Masuda(Sesshu Gardens, Iwami Kagura_a traditional performing art unique to Iwami area_)
Languages available English
Message We have not only the traditional spots but also bountiful nature.
Please visit our website. We can assist your travel to the beautiful countryside.

Matsue Goodwill Guide

Guide Area City of Matsue, Yasugi, Izumo
Guide Spot Matsue Castle, Shiomi-Nawate area, Horikawa boat cruise, Adachi Museum of Art, Izumo Grand Shrine
Languages available English
Message We give Matsue castle free guiding tour from 10 am to 4 pm every Sat. and Sun. from March to November. Upon your request other than those times and places, please contact us by e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.


Kurashiki Goodwill Guides

Guide Area Kurashiki Bikan Area (The Old Town of Kurashiki)
Guide Spot Canal Area, Ohara Museum, Ivy Square, Ohashi's House, etc.
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean
Message Kurashiki Bikan Area is a small town, but full of scenic beauty and long history. Why don't you come visit us to enjoy the walking tour around the picturesque canal area?


Hiroshima SGG club

Guide Area Hiroshima City and vicinity
Guide Spot 1)Peace Park, Hiroshima Castle and Shukukeien Garden
2) Miyajima Island (Itsukushima Shrine,Daisho-in Temple)
Languages available English
Message Contact Mr. Kiyoshi Tai through e-mail or phone (082) 843-9030 at least 10 days in advance.
We can meet you at JR Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen ticket gate or South exit) or at your hotel.


Tokushima GG Club

Guide Area Tokushima Prefecture
Guide Spot Tokushima Prefecture
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, German
Message If you have any inquiry on Tourism in Tokushima, please ask us via e-mail. Also, if you need a volunteer guide or our assistance, please contact us for availability at least two weeks prior to your arrival.


Kagawa Systemized Goodwill Guide

Guide Area Kagawa Pref.
Guide Spot Ritsurin Garden/Tamamo Park/Mt. Yashima/Shikokumura Village/ Naoshima Art Island/Kotohira-gu Shrine
Languages available English / Spanish / French
Message We welcome your tour guide requests.


Ehime Systematized Good-will Guide

Guide Area Matsuyama, Ozu, Uwajima, Niihama, Imabari cities and Shimanami Bridge Route
Guide Spot We can take you around at your request. Recommended sightseeing spots are : 1) The Castle at each area, Dogo Hot Spring, Ishiteji temple 2)Tobe Pottery Places, Uchiko Town
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and French for Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Hot Spring English for other sightseeing places
Message Apply by phone 9am-8pm


Kochi Systematized Goodwill Guide Club

Guide Area Kochi Prefecture We can take you around at your request.
Guide Spot Recommended sightseeing tours are: 1) Kochi Castle _ Katsura Beach
2) Kochi Castle _ Ino Paper Museum
3) Sunday Market _ Kochi Castle (Sunday only).
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean, French
Message Apply two weeks in advance to us by phone (090-7148-7608), or e-mail (


Chikuho SGG Club

Guide Area Chikuho area (Iizuka City, Tagawa City, Nogata City and the nearby counties of Fukuoka Prefecture)
Guide Spot Chikuho Area
Languages available English
Message Chikuho SGG Club is a small volunteer group, but it's been more than 30 years since we started. Our main activity is to support the Iizuka International Wheelchair Tournament. Shingo Kunieda, who is a gold medalist of the London Paralympics, has participa

Fukuoka SGG Club

Guide Area Fukuoka City and the vicinity, such as Dazaifu and Yanagawa.
Guide Spot Ohori Park, Fukuoka Castle ruins, museums, Hakozaki Shrine, Tochoji Temple, learning from disaster simulation drills, Japanese gardens, Japanese old houses and an old shopping arcade. Dazaif and Yanagawa.
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish
Message Please refer to our website and send the application back to us. The members of our club are all local citizens. We guide you around Fukuoka City and the vicinity according to your request. And also, you can get our friendly advice on the best practical travel plan for you.

Kitakyushu SGG Club

Guide Area Mojiko Retro Area Kanmon Strait area, Chofu town(Yamaguchi Pref),Kitakyushu Industrial Area.
Guide Spot Kokura castle, Yawata Steel Works, Mojimekari N.P., Yaekawa Robot Factory, Mr Sarakura cable, Kawachi lake.
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean, Russian
Message Welcome to Kitakyushu.

Omuta SGG club

Guide Area Omuta city, Fukuoka prefecture
Guide Spot
Languages available English, Chinese, Philipino


Imari SGG

Guide Area O-kawachi-yama, Arita, Karatsu
Guide Spot Kyushu Ceramics Museun, Karatsu castle, Okawachiyama area,Arita Porcelain Park
Languages available English

Karatsu Volunteer Guides

Guide Area Karatsu, Imari, Arita
Guide Spot Karatsu: Karatsu Castle, Rainbow Pine Forest, Mr Kagami, Festival Float Exhibition Hall, Galleries of Karatsu Ware Imari and Arita: Oukawachi-yama (A Potters Village), Musium of Kyushu Ceramic Arts, Galleries of Arita Ware
Languages available English (Karatsu, Imari, Arita) /Korean/Chinese
Message Website of Karatsu Volunteer Guides is in preparation but we have our page on Facebook.


Nagasaki International Association

Guide Area Nagasaki Prefecture
Guide Spot
Languages available English
Open/Close:9:00 a.m./5:30 p.m.
Message The Nagasaki International Association is not a travel agency, nor are our volunteers professional tour guides. Please be aware that the content of our volunteer's tours may differ from those of professional tour guides.
Please also understand that because our guides all work on a volunteer basis we cannot guarantee that one will be available on your requested date.
We accept applications during the period from three months before the requested date and until three weeks before you depart for Japan.


Kumamoto SGG Club/Kumamoto Yokatoko Annainin-no-kai

Guide Area Kumamoto city and its sorrounding area
Guide Spot (Kumamoto city)Kumamoto Castle, Suizenji Jojuen Park, Former Residence of Hosokawa Gyobu, Kumamoto Prefectural Art Museum, Prefectural Traditional Crafts Center, Raigando Cave, Shimada Museum of Art etc. (Outside the city) Mt.Aso, Aso Caldera, Amakusa Islands etc.
Languages available English, Chinese, Korean etc
Message We have a skill and experience as a volunteer guide group since 1998 in Kumamoto city.
Where is the third largest city (735,000 people) located in the center of Kyushu Island and also convenient for a visitor because of well-linked network by air and rail between domestic major cities. Kumamoto Castle, one of the three magnificent castles in Japan and Mt.Aso, a huge and still active volcanic area in some 50 km.east of the city, are two representative tourist atractions among many other places to visit.
Unfortunately,the two unpresented big temblors, with magnitude of 7.0 and 7.3 hit Kumamoto in April 2016 in succession. Kumamoto has a history that it has beautifully revived from such a damage caused by earthquake, typhoon and war each time.
Reconstruction is pushed forward at a high pace, so it is our mission to have you see the restoration process.


Beppu SGG Club

Guide Area Beppu, Yufuin, Kitsuki, Usuki
Guide Spot Beppu Jigoku Tour, Myoban Onsen, Takasaki-yama Monkey Park, Kitsuki Castle, Usuki Stone Buddhas
Languages available English , Korean, Chinese
Message TEL: 0977-23-1119 / 080-3185-6210


Miyazaki Bridge of Fellowship

Guide Area Miyazaki City, Nichinan City, Saito City, Aya Town
Guide Spot Aoshima Island, Udo Jingu Shrine, Obi Castle Ruins, Cape Toi, Ancient Burial Mound Park,
Languages available English


Kagoshima GAiGO Gakuin SGG

Guide Area Kagoshima City
Guide Spot Sakurajima, Sengan-en Japanese garden, Museum of Meiji Restoration, etc.
Languages available English
Contact Web:
Message We will help you have a great time in Kagoshima! Please visit our website for application.

Kagoshima iBS International Speaking Society

Guide Area Kagoshima
Guide Spot Recommended sightseeing tours are: 1) Sengan-en Japanese garden,2) Chiran Samurai House, 3) M6. Sakurajima.
Languages available English
Message If you would like to a guided tour of Kagoshima, our members would be happy to assist you. We can take you around at your request.