Shimizu Port 清水港

Shimizu Port
Shimizu Port

Cruise one of Japan's major ports and take in the scenery

Shimizu Port offers cruises around one of Japan's three most beautiful ports. Enjoy the views of the harbor, eat the freshest fish, and marvel at nearby Mt. Fuji .

How to Get There

Shimizu Port is in Shimizu Harbor, near the city of Shizuoka .

From Tokyo to Shizuoka is about an hour on the bullet train. Shimizu Port can be reached via Shin-Shimizu Station on the Shizuoka Railway or from JR Shimizu Station, ten minutes from Shizuoka. You can also take water buses from Kashi-no-ichi Market and S-Pulse Dream Plaza.

Quick Facts

S-Pulse Dream Plaza is named for the local soccer team, Shimizu S-Pulse

Shimizu Port was one of the key ports in the story of Japan's 19th century modernization

Views of the sea

Shizuoka's rich history owes a lot to the trade that came in through Shimizu Port. Today, tourism is the main industry and locals are rightly proud of the port area. The best way to view its splendor is from the sea. Cruises take in the port itself as well as Miho Pine Grove , Nihondaira Plateau , and Izu Peninsula . Other sights include S-Pulse Dream Plaza , a shopping mall complex with a cinema and a Ferris wheel.

The freshest fish

As with any port in Japan, sushi is a major draw. The largest amount of tuna caught by Japanese fishermen comes through Shimizu. There are plenty of restaurants offering delicious fish at reasonable prices. Particularly recommended is the sakura shrimp, a local variety. If that isn't enough, there is a sushi museum in the S-Pulse Dream Plaza and a fish market to the north. Another museum to check out is the Verkehr Museum, which looks at the history of the port and maritime pursuits.


Near Shimizu Port

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