Tsuyama Castle 津山城(鶴山公園)

Tsuyama Castle -Kakuzan Park
Tsuyama Castle -Kakuzan Park

A key fortress in the region, now part of a park full of 5,000 cherry trees

Tsuyama Castle is in the center of Kakuzen Park, and surrounded by over 5,000 cherry trees, which bloom in mid-April. And since this part of Okayama Prefecture lives through a winter with meter-deep snow, when spring arrives everyone celebrates to the max.

Don't Miss

  • Visiting the castle and park during the summer projection mapping events
  • Eating some of Tsuyama's famous hormone udon
  • Stopping by the local family business of Japanese music group B'z and take a photo with the lead singer's parents

How to Get There

You can get to the castle by train and then on foot, or rent a car.

Catch a train from JR Okayama Station to JR Tsuyama Station, which will take about 70 to 90 minutes, depending on the type of train and time of day. From JR Tsuyama Station, it's about a 15-minute walk to the castle. Renting a car in Okayama City is a great option.

A castle worth mentioning

The 400-year-old castle was considered superior to the nearby castles of Hiroshima and Himeji , and had 77 smaller buildings on its grounds.

Get stunning views of downtown

The castle wall rises above the park by about 10 meters, and will give you a breathtaking view of downtown and the vista of the mountain ranges that mark the border between Okayama Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture .

Annual summer event—projection mapping

During the summer, the castle ruins serve as the backdrop for an annual projection mapping event that lights up the castle and park with an original digital show. This is a great chance for a picnic dinner and a glass of wine.


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