How to get there

By bus

Reach the resort by the Rusutsu Go — a free shuttle bus service from Sapporo. Alternatively, staying guests can pay to take a Bigruns shuttle from New Chitose Airport. Both journeys take around two hours and reservations are required. A Resort Liner bus bound for Rusutsu and Niseko also departs from New Chitose Airport for a small fare.

By car

The resort is around 90 minutes from New Chitose Airport. Follow National Road 36 and Prefectural Road 16, onto Route 453 and National Road 276 then onto Route 230 to the resort.

By helicopter

You can book a helicopter service that takes you directly to the resort from each airport in Hokkaido.

Snow satisfaction on three mountains blanketed with Hokkaido’s finest quality flakes

The powder snow that falls on the Rusutsu Resort has a very low moisture content of 5 percent. This makes it some of the best powder around — even in Hokkaido where the overall snow quality is high. There are 37 courses split across three mountains, the West Mountain, East Mountain, and Isola Mountain, providing snow travelers plenty of options. One course on the Isola Mountain is over 2,000 meters long offering skiers and snowboarders some serious satisfaction. For the ultimate powder adventure, try heli-skiing through the backcountry on Mt. Shiribetsu.

Plenty of alternative activities

The Rusutsu Resort offers a wealth of outdoor activities beyond skiing and snowboarding. At the resort, you can try snowmobiling, snow biking, snow rafting or dog sledding. Alternatively, you can ride a horse, snowshoe, ski hike or sit down to some ice fishing. If you prefer to stay indoors, clamber up the bouldering wall or the 8-meter rope climbing zone, splash around in the indoor wave pool, or burn off some calories in the fitness gym. With plenty of activities to enjoy, the Rusutsu Resort is the perfect place to stay even if you don’t ski.

Welcome to Rusutsu City, where a comfortable stay is guaranteed

Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention and Westin Rusutsu Resort are both situated at the foot of the mountains. Rusutsu Resort Hotel & Convention is conveniently located with immediate access to the slopes, and it is fully equipped with a wide range of facilities. Enjoy brand name shopping or a wide range of attractions such as a two-story high carousel, a 4D theatre, and projection mapping displays. Alternatively, enjoy luxurious comfort at the Westin Rusutsu Ski Resort. The resort has won the Best Japanese Ski Hotel category of the World Ski Awards for three years running. This is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to stay at a resort hotel and enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snow activities in a comfortable environment.

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