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Explore an Incredibly Island


From exciting mountain pilgrimages to relaxing forest walks, Yakushima Island is a fascinating destination.


Visitors can enjoy excursions into the forests and mountains on the island of Yakushima, containing Yakushima National Park, with Go! Yakushima. The subtropical island is located some 60 kilometers south of Kyushu’s main island and was recognized by UNESCO as a great example of biodiversity in East Asia. It has unspoiled forests and 40 mountains that are over 1,000 meters high.



The tours range from easy walks to challenging treks, and from a few hours to overnight mountain expeditions. One of the most popular is the Yakushima Island Tour that usually includes a complete circuit of the island and stops at places of interest, well-known and surprising ones. The mountain tours often follow pilgrimage routes, as the island has long been considered a spiritual place. The guides are residents on the island and fluent in English, with expertise in fields from history to wildlife. 


From Kagoshima Airport, take a non-stop flight to Yakushima (35 min.). Flights (some direct) are available from most major cities in Japan.



Contribution to Sustainability

Guests are encouraged to drink purified water from the rivers of Yakushima, thereby reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions while enjoying more time in nature. You can enjoy your lunch with lunchbox bentos served in either aluminum washable boxes or bamboo leaves.


National Parks of Japn Go! Yakushima


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