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Mount Inasayama Mount Inasayama

ITINERARIES A Cultural Journey of Kyushu Experience Kyushu's rich culture, from native Japanese gardens to Western-style cathedrals.

Take in the diverse culture of Kyushu, Japan's third largest island

Explore Nagasaki, a port town rich in history. Wander the flower fields of a Dutch-inspired theme park. Enjoy the view of cherry blossoms at Kumamoto Castle, and stroll through a UNESCO World Heritage accredited landscape garden.


    Visiting the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park
    Exploring Kumamoto Castle, one of Japan's greatest castles
    Relax in the tranquil beauty of Sengan-en

How to Get There

From Tokyo: 6 hours 35 minutes or 2 hours

Take the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen to Hakata Station for 5 hours 5 minutes. Then take the JR Kagoshima Main Line Limited Express to Nagasaki Station for 1 hour 30 minutes. There are regular flights from Haneda Airport to Nagasaki Airport.

From Fukuoka: 1 hour 30 minutes

From Hakata Station, take the Nishi-Kyushu Shinkansen "Kamome" to Nagasaki Station.

Day 1
Nagasaki Reflect on the past in this gateway city

Nagasaki sticks in many people's minds because of World War II, but the city has a long and rich history as a port city, influenced by many cultures.

Pay your respects at the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum . Here, you can learn about the tragic day the city suffered a nuclear attack during WWII.

Nearby is the Peace Park , a serene, green space that commemorates the bombing. You can visit the epicenter, marked by a black monolith. Across the street is the Peace Statue , a large fountain, along with other memorials from various governments.

Take the electric tramway to Oura Cathedral and Glover Garden . Oura Cathedral is Japan's oldest Christian building built by Japanese, while Glover Garden is a park made of nine Western-style buildings that were once home to foreign residents.

Day 2

1 hour 20 minutes

Take the JR Seaside Liner bound for Sasebo from Nagasaki Station to Huis Ten Bosch Station.

Huis Ten Bosch Stop and admire the tulips

Photo: ©HUIS TEN BOSCH/ J-20089

Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park that recreates old Europe with Dutch-style buildings and canals. The theme park is best known for its springtime Tulip Festival and the Kingdom of Lights event in winter, but the park has plenty of events year-round. If you want more time here, you can stay in the park at one of the five hotels.

2 hour 45 minutes

Take the Midori-Huis Ten Bosch to Shin-Tosu Station and change to the Kyushu Shinkansen to Kumamoto Station.

Day 3

20 minutes

Take a tram from Kumamoto Station to Hanabata Station, then walk about 10 minutes.

Kumamoto Castle Explore one of Japan's greatest castles and Kyushu's natural beauty

Kumamoto City is home to magnificent Kumamoto Castle. Despite being damaged in the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, the black castle is a stately and imposing symbol of the city. With over 800 cherry blossom trees surrounding the castle, it is a great place to enjoy cherry blossom season.

1 hour 20 minutes

Take a tram back to Kumamoto Station and change to the Kyushu Shinkansen for Kagoshima-Chuo Station.

Kagoshima Traditional gardens fit for a lord

On the south side of Kyushu is Kagoshima . See the subtropical plants, towering Sakurajima—an active volcano—and sample local shochu.

You can enjoy a relaxing stroll through a traditional Japanese garden at Sengan-en . This former villa and garden are collectively a UNESCO World Heritage site. The grounds are the venue for various cultural events like archery ceremonies and poetry games.

More to Explore
Sakurajima Volcanic activity above the city

Complete your visit to Kagoshima with a trip to Sakurajima, a world-famous composite active volcano that towers over the city. The volcano emits smoke constantly and has repeated eruptions. Some spots to see include Sakurajima Magma Onsen, Sakurajima Nature Dinosaur Park, and the Sakurajima Nagisa Lava Trail.

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