Itineraries CHIBA, SAITAMA, TOKYO, KANAGAWA A Quick Getaway From Tokyo

Exploring Southern Kanto


The Southern Kanto area, formed by the prefectures neighbouring Tokyo, is ideally located for day-trips from the capital.

Whether it is to visit the natural wonders of Chiba, dive into the historic roots of Saitama, enjoy the Pacific coast off Kanagawa, or wander around the towns beyond the central metropolitan wards, the Southern Kanto holds many delights for travellers looking for a well-rounded travel experience.

Our suggested itinerary features a short 3-day trip from Tokyo, presenting unique ways to explore the area.

With the following suggested itineraries, create your unique journey into the culture, history, and soul of Japan.


Recommended itinerary from Tokyo


▸Travel by rental car


Tokyo  car  car (80min)  car  Kawagoe  car  car (5min)  car  Hikawa-jinja Shrine  car  car (80min)  car  Enoshima  car  car (25min)  car  Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine  car  car (90min)  car  Tokyo skytree  car  car (20min)  car  Tsukiji Outer Market  car  car (20min)  car  Umihotaru  car  car (20min)  car  Kisarazu outlet


▸Travel by public transport


Tokyo  car  train (60min)  car  Kawagoe  car  walking (10min)  car  Hikawa-jinja Shrine  car  train (80min)  car  Tokyo skytree  car  train (70min)  car  Yokohama Chinatown  car  train (15min)  car  Near Minato Mirai 21  car  bus (45min)  car  Kisarazu outlet

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