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Getting to Japan


For many, Japan has remained a highly desirable destination located too far out of reach—bright neon lights, high-tech robotics, geisha mystique and small samurai villages that just remained dreams

However, travel to Japan has never been more accessible to the outside world. Multiple airports handle international flights, including those in Tokyo and Osaka as well as Naha and Fukuoka. For the intrepid traveler, arriving by boat to Japan is an alternative option.

With fierce competition between airline carriers seeing an ever-increasing number of cheap flights to Japan, what used to be a “will-we-ever?” trip has turned into “when-shall-we-go.”

By Plane

Japan's main airport hubs are situated just outside the major cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Narita Airport sits an hour-long express train ride from Tokyo in the neighboring prefecture of Chiba. Servicing most global destinations, along with a whole host of domestic flights, the airport is rightfully known as the gateway to Japan. For a better view of the airport, click here - Narita Airport: Narita Airport homepage

Flying directly into the metropolis from worldwide destinations has become a reality thanks to the development of Haneda, Tokyo's city airport. Once a designated domestic hub, Haneda Airport has branched out into international flights meaning that visitors can be in the bustling city of Tokyo within half an hour of leaving the terminal. Check here for the official website - Haneda Airport: Haneda Airport homepage

Thought once inconceivable, it is now possible to visit Japan without stepping foot in Tokyo at all. Kansai International Airport (KIX) serves the western area of Japan housing the tourist-magnet city of Kyoto and the urban powerhouse of Osaka, along with the deeply spiritual ground of surrounding prefectures Nara and Wakayama . The airport is located around 50 minutes from the bullet train hub of Shin-Osaka and 75 minutes away from Kyoto Station . For more information, click here - Kansai International Airport: KIX homepage

A whole host of other airport options are available throughout Japan welcoming in domestic and international flights—from the great white island of Hokkaido in the north, industrial Nagoya in the middle and subtropical Okinawa way down south. When planning your trip, research the airports that will offer you your most convenient path into Japan.

By Boat

It is also possible to reach Japan by sea. The southern area of South Korea is surprisingly close to the Japanese archipelago, and ferries travel between cities such as Busan in South Korea and cities such as Kyushu and Osaka. The price of a ticket really depends on the longevity of your sea-legs. High-speed ferries can transport you from Hakata to Busan 3 hours 40 minutes for around 16,000 yen; however a journey to Osaka on the more laid-back Kampu Ferry takes a full twelve hours, but more wallet-friendly at under 10,000 yen.

If you happen to be visiting Japan's larger neighbor of China, it is also possible to ferry over to the land of the rising sun in around three days. Ferries run once a week from Shanghai and connect with the ports of Osaka and Kobe in west Japan and Nagasaki and Fukuoka on the southern island.

Direct cruises to Japan are rare. However, once you are in Japan, there are a number of options for circumnavigating the Japanese islands—including stop-offs in Korea and China—on the waves. Here are some options : Princess Cruises: Cruise schedules ,Cruise Compete: Cruise plans , Celebrity Cruises: Cruise plans

All information is correct as of the time of writing. Independent research is always advised for the most up-to-date and relevant information.

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