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Recommended Route Chugoku (Hiroshima)

Hiroshima Trailblazers Tour Carry the Fire of Hiroshima, Kindle the Fire Within


  • Discover the sea route used by Hiroshima's pioneers as you experience sea kayaking the Seto Inland Sea

  • River trekking through crystal-clear streams and waterfalls that strengthen participant relationships and inspire a sense of adventure

  • Interact with and gain insight into the views of a world-class company that exemplifies Hiroshima's pioneering spirit

  • Cycle to learn about the reconstruction of Hiroshima’s bombed heritage sites and reflect on postwar history

Main Activity:River Trekking, Sea Kayaking to Miyajima

Get in Touch With the Pioneering Spirit of Hiroshima

People have evolved by using fire. Fire has developed our life, sometimes becomes a means for killing others, and even expresses our passion. Hiroshima is the very city that has grown with fire. When we look back at the history of Hiroshima , the land was not suitable for cultivation since there was little flat area. For this reason, people innovated their original industry by using fire (Tatara iron manufacture), widened the land by reclamation, and developed the industry even more by water transportation. "We make our city by ourselves," such a passionate pioneer spirit created the city of Hiroshima . The atomic bomb and massive fire caused by it completely destroyed the city once. However, the people's hereditary pioneer spirit and hope for lasting peace made immediate reconstruction possible.

In this tour, participants can experience various activities in which they can sense pioneer spirit, visit companies and people that have such pioneer spirit, and face the fire. Through the time they face the fire, they will experience having a flame in their mind and find a key to guide their future.

Day 1
Witness the History and Spirit of Hiroshima
Witness the History and Spirit of Hiroshima
Witness the History and Spirit of Hiroshima On the first day, you will go on a walk around the center of Hiroshima city , which used to be the ocean in the past, and learn how this city was made by observing Hiroshima Castle . You will then be climbing a little mountain called Futabayama to understand the tour and the geological and historical connection of the spots where this tour covers: the center of Hiroshima city , Yuki town, Edajima city, and Miyajima from a bird’s-eye view. Additionally, you will light a fire that will travel with you during this tour.

The Beginning of Hiroshima :
As for the orientation, you will climb Futabayama, where you can have a panoramic view of Hiroshima city to understand the purpose of this tour. It will be a time to share what you are expecting for this tour and get to know the other participants. You can also use it an opportunity to re-think what you can obtain by being in nature. After the orientation, you will have an opportunity to trace back the history from the Edo period to pre-WWII, the era when the Hiroshima people impoldered the land that used to be the ocean and created the city.

1940, 1945, and later :
Discover how the area around Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park was once one of the Japan's biggest entertainment districts, how the city was devastated in one second by the atomic bomb, and the the efforts taken to rebuild what was lost. By learning the story from pre-WWII to post-WWII, you can study how the pioneer spirit that has been inherited since the pre-Edo period influenced the reconstruction after the war, which should help them understand the history of Hiroshima more comprehensively.

OKOSTA tour :
How did okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) support the reconstruction of Hiroshima ? What kind of passion did the company have? Find out the answers to those questions from an employee at Otafuku Sauce. You'll also get to make okonomiyaki on your own. You can study a case in which a company that originated in Hiroshima supported the reconstruction and the food culture of Hiroshima that is deeply connected with its history.

Day 2
Meet the Practitioners of the Trailblazer Spirit
Meet the Practitioners of the Trailblazer Spirit
Meet the Practitioners of the Trailblazer Spirit Now that you have witnessed the history and spirit of Hiroshima , the second day will take you to meet the practitioners who nurture this spirit. By talking with the practitioners face to face, you will be able to experience and understand them at a deeper level. Moreover, through the activities, you will strengthen your relationship with the other participants.

Sagotani Farm Walk :
Sagotani Milk supported the nutrition of Hiroshima citizens after the war. Every Hiroshima person now recognizes the name. Its beginnings can be traced back to when the first generation of the farm established a dairy in the area by bringing 23 cattle from Hachijo-jima during the war to save the farmers suffering from poor harvests. The second generation grew the business, and now the third generation is trying to develop a futuristic dairy based on sustainable pasturing. Through this tour, you will learn the history and the pioneer spirit of the farm while walking around with the head of the third generation.

River Trekking in Yuki :
Yuki Onsen once flourished as an annex of Hiroshima . However, due to population decline, a dropping birthrate, and an aging culture, the town of Yuki and its hot spring region fell into disrepair. In order to revitalize the town, river hiking was introduced. The thrilling experience will inspire your own trailblazer spirit through numerous challenges. Additionally, the event ought to strengthen the bonds between the participants, opening the door to deeper communication.

Stay at a Japanese traditional house :
Learn the spirit that makes us challenge ourselves at any age through interacting with the grandfathers of Yuki. They contributed to the development of Hiroshima after the war and now transmit the value of the town by opening Japanese traditional houses for accommodation. In addition, you can bathe in the Goemon bath which applies the idea of Tatara iron manufacture, which is now made only in Hiroshima . The flame you lit on the first day will be used to heat the bath. While doing so, you can take pleasure in the warmth of the fire and the company of others.
Day 3
Going Out Into the World – Trailblazers of Mountains and the Sea
Going Out Into the World – Trailblazers of Mountains and the Sea
Going Out Into the World – Trailblazers of Mountains and the Sea Hiroshima has many people who expanded their workplace from Hiroshima to across Japan, and the world. What kind of thoughts did they have when they developed the new market? You will get to know the pioneer spirit that does not stay only in Japan, which should encourage you to break your limits.

Maruni Wood Industry’s Factory Tour :
From leading the modernization of furniture manufacturing to its history of being forced to make combat aircraft during the war, the company went through a tough time and now has expanded its business to the world. As an example, their technique is being used by Apple. Its revival history and the aspect of aiming at being a global company will call for energy that is hiding inside of you.

Cultivation of Oysters :
The largest oyster production in Japan is located near Hiroshima , namely in the Edajima area. You will hear from the fishermen about the knowledge of forerunners, how they work with nature, and their aspirations for the world, as you harvest the oysters yourself.
Day 4
Freeing Your Own Trailblazer Spirit on Sea Route That Supported the Trailblazers
Freeing Your Own Trailblazer Spirit on Sea Route That Supported the Trailblazers
Freeing Your Own Trailblazer Spirit on Sea Route That Supported the Trailblazers Hiroshima people became pioneers thanks to the sea route. In fact, many people sought chances abroad by sea route. You will be tackling the biggest challenge in this tour; you are going to go through the sea route by kayaking . By doing this challenge, you will free your own pioneer spirit that you have grown in the past three days.

Edajima to Miyajima Sea Kayaking :
You will be going to kayak for 16 kilometers. The sea route you will kayak is the one that Kentoshi, a Japanese envoy to Tang China, used and sent many challengers overseas in the modern world. By finishing the route, you will free the pioneer spirit that is about to develop inside of you and discover a ‘new’ you.

Stay on the Summit of Mt. Misen & Intercultural Experience :
Mt. Misen in Miyajima was reclaimed by Kukai. You will be staying on the summit of it, which is seldom possible. Discuss and realize the changes happening within you during the trip while observing the night view of Hiroshima, the site of built by many pioneers.
Day 5
Departing for Your Adventure
Departing for Your Adventure
Departing for Your Adventure Through the lessons of Kukai, the founder of Shingon Buddhism, you will sense the spirituality of Japanese people, which supports the pioneer spirit. To wrap up this tour, you will be cycling around spots in Hiroshima city that tell the story of post-war restoration.

Morning Chanting at Daisho-in :
You will join the morning chanting after seeing the sunrise on the summit of Mt. Misen . Through this experience, you can calm down your minds by getting to know the spirituality of Japanese people that established the spirit.

Itsukushima Shrine :
The shrine enshrines Munataka Sanjojin, the goddesses of maritime traffic. Itsukushima Shrine developed sea traffic in history and supported the mentality of the trailblazers.

Sokoiko Cycling Peace Tour :
You will cycle past exposed buildings and places that tell the post-war reconstruction, and see the current condition of Hiroshima . Through this activity, you will be able to experience the hope for Hiroshima that has been passed down from the reconstruction generation. This should integrate the past and present, and become a foundation to think about the future.

In the last session, you and the other participants are going to recap the trailblazer spirit they learned. While observing a fire, you will talk about the changes they underwent over the last five days and how they will spend their lives going forward. After saying your farewells, you are going to extinguish the fire that has traveled with them for the past five days and depart for their adventure.

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