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Biwaichi Biwaichi
Biwaichi Biwaichi



  • The Biwaichi cycling course is easy to navigate, with signposts, blue route lines, and roadside stations, public restrooms, and rest areas. Since the course runs along the left-hand side of the road around Lake Biwa, cyclists should travel in a counterclockwise direction around the lake, following the traffic. Riding in this direction also affords the best views of the lake. Download "Biwaiichi Cycling Navi" for route information. Some trains on the Omi Railway can accommodate bicycles.

  • Along the way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, historical sites, and Shiga's local cuisine. You can ride the Biwaichi course year-round but it is especially pleasant from summer through autumn when you can enjoy lakeside breezes, fresh summer foliage, and fall colors. Enjoy the contrast of colors between the deep blue of Lake Biwa, the green of Mt. Ibuki, and the vivid gold ginkgo trees.

  • Take time to visit historical sites, such as the elegant Hikone Castle, the torii of Shirahige Shrine that appears to float on the lake, and the traditional streets of the Omi Merchants Cityscape. Enjoy water activities on the lake or seasonal activities at Biwako Valley. Make a side trip to Nagahama, a historical castle town famous for ramen noodles. Explore the area at leisure, and relax at lakeside accommodations with water views and soothing hot springs.

Explore the shores of Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa, on this 193-kilometer-long National Cycling Route. While veteran riders may be able to cycle the whole thing in just one day, why not slow down and appreciate the natural beauty of the area; verdant rice paddies, seasonal flowers, and the complementary blues of the lake and sky. The route along the northern shore runs for about 150 kilometers, and a route on the southern shore runs for about 50 kilometers, so you can choose a route that best suits your fitness level. Be sure to stop and enjoy sightseeing, and sample local specialties along the way. Moriyama Station, the base of the route, is close to Kyoto, and can be reached in about 30 minutes via the JR Biwako Line.


Travel Logs | Cultural Immersion on a Lake Biwa Biking Trail





Length 193km
Duration 10hours
Elevation Gain about 70m

* Duration is an estimate and may vary depending on route and pace.


Reference: Lakeshore Loop of Biwa Lake




From JR Kyoto Station, take the Biwako Line for about 25 minutes to JR Moriyama Station, one of the major starting points of the route.






Biwaichi (Moriyama City / Automatic translation available)


Biwako bicycle rental



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