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Mt. Asahi

Mt. Asahi Mt. Asahi
Mt. Asahi Mt. Asahi



  • The Asahidake Visitor Center, located near the base station of the Asahidake Ropeway, provides real-time information on weather conditions, and information about the mountain. You can also rent hiking equipment such as boots, poles, and snowshoes for a fee. Mt. Asahi has an unmanned shelter and basic toilets, so it is advisable to prepare equipment and drinking water at the Visitor Center before heading up the mountain.

  • It is possible to hike Mt. Asahi in all seasons. Summer is the most popular season, with rare alpine plants and wildlife that have been protected by conservation efforts. In autumn, the colorful leaves of Japanese white ash and Japanese alder brighten the trails. Winter brings powder snow, and possible natural phenomena such as "diamond dust," "sun pillars" and "ice fog". With low temperatures and severe weather conditions, climbing the mountain in winter can be dangerous.

  • Scenic spots surround Mt. Asahi. Visit Sounkyou, with hot springs, nearby waterfalls, and dramatic rock formations, or stroll around the vivid blue Aoi Ike Pond. Daisetsu Asahidake Gensui Park is known for its drinkable spring water. Hagoromo Falls in Tenninkyo is a spectacular sight, and Tokachigawa Onsen and Asahidake Onsen hot spring towns make good bases for exploring. Asahikawa and Furano are famed for great cuisine, from Hokkaido hairy crab to fresh lamb, to sweet melons.

Each peak in the Daisetsuzan volcanic mountain group towers to a height of more than 2,000 meters, dominating the sky of central Hokkaido. Mt. Asahi (or Asahidake) is the tallest among them (and the tallest in Hokkaido) at a height of 2,291 meters. But don’t let the altitude intimidate you—the Asahidake Ropeway makes the mountain accessible to both beginners and seasoned trekkers. Keep an eye out for seasonal flowers and alpine wildlife like the pika. Appreciate panoramic views from the summit, and vibrant foliage on the mountainside in autumn.





Duration 1day / 6hours
Highest Point 2,291m
Elevation Gain 690m
Horizontal Distance 10.5km

* Duration is an estimate and may vary depending on route and pace.


Reference: Round trip starting from Sugatami-daira




Mt. Asahi takes about 60 minutes by car or shuttle bus from Asahikawa Airport or JR Asahikawa Station.




Mt. Resort Asahidake (Daisetsuzan Asahidake Ropeway)


Mt. Asahi (Hikes in Japan)



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