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Fudoin Iwayado Temple 不動院岩屋堂

Fudoin Iwayado Temple Fudoin Iwayado Temple
Fudoin Iwayado Temple Fudoin Iwayado Temple

Mysterious temple with links to Shugendo Buddhism

Fudoin Iwayado Temple is a stunning temple built into a cliff on the edge of Wakasa Town , with a hidden history.

How to Get There

Fudoin Iwayado Temple is a 10-minute drive from Wakasa Station.

An Important Cultural Property of Japan

The temple's origins are clouded with mystery, with little information about its past to be found. It's believed to be around 1,200 years old and once served as a place of ascetic training for monks. It is for this reason that it is registered as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

An essential Buddhist divinity

Inside the temple is a statue of the Buddhist deity, Fudo Myoo. As one of the Five Wisdom Kings, Fudo Myoo is one of the most important Buddhist divinities. The statue is said to be one of three Fudo Myoo statues carved by the founder of Shingon Buddhism on Koyasan , Kobo Daishi (774-835).

A Shugendo place of worship

Fudo Myoo is considered the main deity of Shugendo, a religion that combines elements of esoteric Buddhism, Shintoism, and Shamanism. With this in mind, coupled with the fact that Fudoin Iwayado Temple has striking similarities to the Shugendo temple of Nageiredo at Mt. Mitoku , it can be surmised that this was also a Shugendo place of worship.

Viewing Fudo Myoo

It is possible to view the statue twice a year, when the temple is opened to the public in special ceremonies, held on March 28 and July 28.

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