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Okinoerabu Island Caves

Okinoerabu Island Caves

Spelunking on Okinoerabu Island

The remote coral island of Okinoerabu is one of the Amami Islands that stretch between Kyushu and Okinawa. It not only boasts superior diving but also has some of the best limestone caves in the country for both seasoned spelunkers and first-time explorers. Journey underground and find yourself in another world.

Adventure Awaits You

Okinoerabu Island is home to over three hundred limestone caves. Marvel at the wide halls, glittering limestone, and emerald green pools. You may need to book a tour and rental gear in advance.

Visit Shoryudo Cave

Six hundred meters of designated natural treasure Shoryudo Cave are open to the public and can be explored without special gear. Venture into the cave and find yourself surrounded by twinkling stalactites and stalagmites with names like Christmas Tree and Diamond Palace. Behold the curtain-like drapery of the massive flowstones, sculpted over time by the flow of water.

How to get there
To get to Okinoerabu Island, take a ferry to either Wadamori port or China port. Ferries leave for Wadamori port from Okinawa, Kagoshima and Kobe, and ferries for China port leave from Kagoshima and some of the Amami Islands. You can also fly into Okinoerabu Airport from Naha, Kagoshima, and several of the Amami Islands.