Explore the World-Class Ocean –
Okinawa Scuba Diving and Sea Kayaking

Situated in the southernmost part of Japan, Okinawa is the only prefecture with a subtropical climate in the country, making it a unique destination full of attractions throughout the year. This itinerary includes two villages: Tokashiki and Ogimi. By visiting national parks, you are sure to witness the beauty that Okinawa’s seas and forests have to offer. Tokashiki Island boasts crystal-clear waters, often referred to as the “Kerama Blue,” which you can enjoy by diving and sea kayaking. At night, go on a star-gazing tour and sleep in a tent to experience nature to the fullest. Ogimi Village on the main island is known as a village of longevity. Through nature activities, learn about their secrets to their happy, long lives.

  • 1Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
  • 23Tokashiki Island
  • 4Yanbaru Forest Visitor Center
Day 1 Day 1

Meet at Naha Airport and explore the history, life and culture of Okinawa

Once you land and set foot in the arrival lobby of Naha airport, it’s time to start your tour around Okinawa! You will first embark on a trip to the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum, where you will learn about the island’s culture and history.
The facility was designed in the image of a historical Okinawan castle and you will encounter some outdoor exhibitions of historical residences in the front garden. In the backyard, you can see some art pieces designed by local artists. You will learn systematically about Okinawa’s nature, history and culture from their permanent exhibition, under the tutelage of the museum curator.
After the curator’s tour, we will head to Tomari port to take a ferry boat departing for Tokashiki Island. The trip will last about 35 minutes from Tomari port to Tokashiki Island. Our guide on the island will pick you up at the port and escort you to Aharen district where you will stay for the night and will receive a tour briefing on nature tour and the rules of natural protection.

Day 2 Day 2

Boat Diving and local guided tour in Tokashiki

We will start our day by diving - one of the most popular marine activities in Tokashiki - in the surrounding sea area which is transparent up to a depth of 60 meters, as well as in one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the “Kerama Blue Ocean”. The ancestors here rowed sabani which is a traditional local fishing boat 50-60 years ago.
Once you are done with the lunch, our local expert guide will take you to explore the village of Aharen to learn more about the lifestyle and history of Tokashiki in detail.
In the evening, BBQ using tuna and island ingredients will be served and the guide will take you on a night tour to see the spectacular view of stars in the night sky of the island.

Day 3 Day 3

Hiking on the coast and sea kayaking in the Kerama blue

Today, we shall start our day fresh from the beach clean in the camping area to start our day in the morning. More than 620 species of native food crops, 46 species of trees and a variety of forests grow in Tokashiki Island; the guide will introduce the endemic species that inhabit Tokashiki Island. The length of the road is 2.7 kilometers with a minimum altitude of 13 meters - which is 1.66 kilometers from the starting point, and a maximum altitude of 129 meters, which is 0.34 kilometers from the starting point.
After the lunch, you will travel across the sea route in a “SABANI”, a traditional Okinawan kayak-shaped boat, to discover where Tokashiki island’s ancestors used to travel around to catch fish and carry Ryukyu limestone. Once your activities are done, we will board a ferry to Naha from Tokashiki island and subsequently visit the northern part of Okinawa main island.

Day 4 Day 4

Forest walking, longevity lunch and traditional fishing boat ride in Ogimi Village

We will begin our exploration of Ogimi village at "Yanbaru Forest Visitor Center" where our local guide is stationed at. "Yanbaru" is a combination of the expression of mountain (Yama) and field (baru) in the local language. As the expression indicates, Ogimi village is a mountainous area where the coastal line and mountainside meet. You will learn how the forest influences people’s lives in Ogimi by taking a walk in the forest. We will also visit the shikuwasa citrus farm to pick some of the local citrus fruit with our local guide. Shikuwasa is known for its sharp and fresh flavor and is said to promote good health.
After lunch, you will visit a factory located along the coast of Shioya bay of Ogimi village that creates the "SABANI," the kayak-shaped boat we rode the previous day. This traditional local fishing boat is manufactured using only wood and was commonly used by local fishermen until 50-60 years ago. Of course, today modern fishing boats are being used by fishermen. However, it is receiving more attention as a place for marine leisure. "Shioya bay" is famous for the traditional community festival honoring the god of the sea. After learning the history of the Sabani, we will board a ferry and sail on the Shioya bay where fishermen pray for safety and a good catch of fish during the fishing season.
We'll end the day and our tour of Okinawa by saying our farewells to the spectacular ocean waters. From the brilliant underwater world of the Tokashiki Islands to the rich culture and history that you have absorbed through the local activities, take home the cherishable memories made on this beautiful island.

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