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Yamaguchi | Countryside Landscape of Shimonoseki

Take a deep breath! Experience the countryside landscape of Shimonoseki, Japan    
Take a deep breath in the beautiful mountains and heal your mind and body at Shuzen-ji Temple (Mt. Kurusonzan). As a Prefectural Natural Park of Yamaguchi, Mt. Kuruson is designated as one of Japan's national Places of Scenic Beauty. Halfway up the mountain is the historic Shuzen-ji Temple, a sacred ground for the Shingon Sect of Buddhism. From the summit, you get a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan and the Kunisaki Penisula. Jinjo-ji Temple is located at the second resting station of Mt. Gesan (713 meters). The sacred Koyasan Shingon Buddhist temple was originally established in the 8th century. Going down the moss-covered road to the temple brings you to the Sesshu Garden, named after the famous ink-wash painter Sesshu Toyo, where you can experience a therapeutic atmosphere throughout all four seasons. Shimonoseki City is located an hour away from Hiroshima.



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