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Olympic Mascots Take Over Trains

It’s an understatement to say that a lot of people in Japan use trains. So when there’s a new event in Tokyo and Japan, what better way to share the news than to decorate the inside and outside of a train on a popular train line? East Japan Railway has covered eigh metropolitan trains and the Tohoku, Yamagata, Akita, Joetsu and Hokuriku Shinkansen trains with the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Mascots and Olympics and Paralympic-related designs. If you’re lucky, you might just spot the mascots, Miraitowa and Someity, in various sports poses on select trains on Tokyo’s metropolitan lines such as the Yamonote Line, the Chuo Line, or the Keihin Tohoku Line If you miss your train, don’t worry! Trains on these lines run often. As the train departs, you have a chance to see a special illustration on the signboard of the last car as it pulls away.

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Miraitowa the Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascot representing triathlon. The green line under the mascot includes the location where the event will be held. Triathlon will be held at Odaiba Marine Park.
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An image of Someity playing Wheelchair Tennis decorating a Yamanote Line train.
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Someity representing wheelchair rugby which will be held at the Yoyogi National Stadium.
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Trains in metropolitan Tokyo are very long. When trains approach and depart, travelers should keep away from the train and wait behind the yellow lines for safety.

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games is coming soon, we have covered eight trains in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Tohoku, Yamagata, Akita, Joetsu, and Hokuriku Shinkansen trains in wrapping featuring the Olympic and Paralympic mascots and other Olympic and Paralympic-related designs.

The theme of the upcoming games centers around reconstruction and revival, so we believe that this event involves not just Tokyo, but the Tohoku area and the rest of Japan.

As an official sponsor, we hope that these train wrappings will help contribute to bringing positive energy and success to the games. We hope to move with everyone towards a bright future.