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Postcards from Japan: The beauty of plum wine and Japanese heritage, with Risa Iwashita of Umeshuya London

There's a reason why food is what brings a lot of people to Japan - but what about drink? Sake is maybe the best known, but did you know that the humble plum forms the base of one of Japan's other most enjoyed beverages? Umeshu, or plum wine/liqueur is a popular alcoholic drink which will have anyone with a sweet tooth addicted after one glass but there is a world of variety and cultural significance behind his drink, something Risa Iwashita from Umeshuya London was happy to tell us all about!

Momijigari: How to enjoy autumn in Japan and the UK

Every autumn Japan’s natural beauty takes on a new meaning when people head off on ‘momijigari’ leaf hunting adventures. It’s a custom of visiting places where leaves have started to blush and admiring the changing seasons. Read on to find out how to enjoy autumn following Japanese people's philosophy of appreciation both in Japan and here in the UK at Kew Gardens' Japan festival supported by Daikin UK!



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