A VIP Ticket to an Authentic Geisha Performance

Experience a side of Kanazawa's teahouse districts that is hidden even to many Japanese

The culture of the geisha, or geigi as they are known here, lives on to the present day in Kanazawa. Visit any of the three historic teahouse districts of the city⁠—Higashi-chaya, Nishi-chaya, and Kazue-machi⁠—and amidst the elegant streetscapes lined with historic buildings, you'll find these peerless performers and masters of Japanese hospitality.

Guests are invited to step into a teahouse, typically off-limits except to VIP guests. Inside, sit back and relax as the geigi put their wealth of classical talents on display. You'll enjoy traditional Japanese song, dance, and music as performed by experts of their craft ⁠—it's a truly elegant way to spend the afternoon.

After the performance, go out on the town and explore the many traditional craft shops, cafes, museums, restaurants and more. Just 2.5 hours from Tokyo via the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train, Kanazawa welcomes all guests with a sense of Japanese hospitality all its own.

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