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Japanese Souvenirs with Olympic Symbolism

Tokyo and Across Japan

Find memorabilia for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

The Official Shops are the best places to find unique items for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They present the perfect combination of Japanese culture and Olympic symbolism, and offer a wide variety of items at every price range. You can pick up a commemorative gold coin, a small keychain, or cute plush toys. Look out for traditional crafts and a variety of merchandise with the official mascots Miratoiwa and Someity. The shops are open until the end of the 2020 Games and you can find them across Japan, and at Narita and Haneda airports. Note that some items have limited stock.

Tokyo 2020 Official Shop List

tokyo 2020 nanbu tekki teapot
A teapot made in the Nanbu tekki style. This type of ironware from Tohoku (northern Honshu) is famous for retention of heat due to thick walls.
An Olympic version of Daruma. These dolls have symbolized good luck in Japan since ancient times.
teru teru bozu
Teru teru bozu is a Japanese traditional rain-prevention doll.
officialgoods_koban silver
The back of the silver version is the same as the gold. The koban come in 3 sizes, small medium and large.
official erasable ink pens
These erasable ink pens are the most popular item at the Tokyo 2020 Official Shop at Haneda Airport International Terminal.
stationery of miraitowa
These official licensed products are recommended not just for souvenirs, but also for writing letters or postcards.
tokyo 2020 official cloths
Tokyo 2020’s sustainable sourcing code ensures that all parties involved with the products and services related to the Games uphold a sustainable production process and fair business practice.
famous japanese characters
Together on one shirt! This collection of famous Japanese characters is sure to satisfy anime and manga fans.

We have a variety of traditional crafts that vary between shops. I recommend buying this Olympic version of Daruma. In Japan, they symbolize good luck, is perfect souvenir for the 2020 Summer Games!

Access Information


International Terminal 4F, Haneda Airport, 2-6-5, Ota-ku, Tokyo


  • Keikyu Airport Line to Haneda International Terminal

  • Tokyo Monorail Line Haneda International Terminal

There are several buses that stop at the airport. For more information: Haneda Airport


Daily: 9:00-22:00


Tokyo 2020 Official Online Shop


  • There is no change room so it is not possible to try on clothes.

  • The Tokyo 2020 Official Shop is open until the end of the 2020 Games. Some items, particularly the traditional craft items and the koban, have limited stock.