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Olympic Rings in Odaiba

Odaiba, Tokyo

An Iconic Symbol with an Iconic Tokyo

The iconic Olympic Rings are now at Odaiba Marine Park. Set against the backdrop of Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, and city skyscrapers, these icons combine for the ultimate Tokyo 2020 photo opportunity. Some restaurants and hotels in Odaiba look over the water, providing impressive views in a comfortable environment. Boat cruises are a great option for up-close views.

This iron sculpture is 33m (108.27ft) wide and 15m (48.21ft) high, and based on the ring design created by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. They are on view from January 24, 2020 until the last day of the 2020 Olympic Games, August 8, 2021. After August 8, the Olympic Rings will be replaced by the Paralympics symbol until the end of the Paralympic Games in September.
If you’re looking to collect photos of the Olympic Rings around Tokyo, you have several options. The Japan Olympic Museum has a sculpture year-round. Another version of the Olympic Rings has been relocated to the top of Mount Takao.

olympic rings odaiba
When you pass through the rainbow bridge, you can see how big this symbol is.
skytree from odaiba
Waiting for golden hour and the lights of Tokyo Skytree. This tower in western Tokyo is visible from Odaiba Marine Park. With a zoom lens, you can get lots of detail.
odaiba liberty
A replica of the Statue of Liberty in front of Aqua City. The statue is a one-seventh scale model of the original. This is one of the many sightseeing points of interest in the area.
odaiba dusk
Waiting for the Olympic Rings to light up. As the sun sets, the city lights come on bit by bit. A yakata bune (Japanese party boat) takes passengers to an up-close view of the Olympic Rings.
olympic rings illumination
The light from the Olympic Rings illuminates the water of Tokyo Bay's Odaiba Marine Park.
odaiba boats
Party boats cruise the bay giving passengers an up-close view of the Olympic Rings and a unique view of Tokyo. The reflections of the boats' lights on the water adds a colorful element to the scene.
odaiba love sign
The Love sign in front of Aqua City in Odaiba Marine Park is a popular photo spot. If you get the right angle, you can even see the Olympic Rings in the background.
odaiba love sign 2
The Love sign has different designs throughout the year.

Access Information


Olympic Symbol Monument, 1-chōme, Daiba, Tokyo bay


  • Yurikamome Line: Daiba Station, North Exit #2, or KaihinKoen Station

  • Rinkai Line: Tokyo Teleport Station


Open 24 hours


The Statue of Liberty is currently under construction/repairs until March 10th, 2020.