The Olympic and Paralympic Village

A look into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Village

In addition to the many sports venues, the host city prepares the Olympic and Paralympic Village to house the thousands of competing athletes who attend the Games. It gives athletes a place to prepare before competing and a chance for the host city to demonstrate their hospitality and local culture. Packed with emotions ranging from nervous tension to euphoria, staying at the village is an important and exciting part of the Games experience.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Village is located in the Harumi waterfront district near Tokyo Bay, next to the popular tourist destination Odaiba. Covering an impressive 44 hectares, the Village is composed of 3 areas—the Operational Zone, a Residential Zone, and the Village Plaza. Autonomous electric shuttle buses, specially designed for the Village by TOYOTA, will operate 24 hours a day providing athletes with convenient transport between facilities inside the Village. Sustainability and the Japanese spirit of hospitality, omotenashi, are themes prominently displayed throughout the whole village.

Athletes will spend most of their time in the Residential Zone. The rooms in the 21 residential buildings are simple, but carefully planned with the diverse group of athletes in mind. Everything inside the room can be rearranged, allowing athletes to adjust the room according to their needs. The room layouts and furniture are designed to be accessible and wheelchair-friendly. Other facilities in the area include multiple dining halls, a spacious fitness centre, and a recreational centre.

The Village Plaza area features a range of convenient services, including dry cleaning, clothes repair, and a post office.

To avoid the spread of Covid-19, certain additions and changes have been made to the village, such as a Fever Clinic, reduced seating in common areas, and regulations regarding socializing .

The spacious Village Plaza was constructed with approximately 40,000 pieces of timber and provides a place for athletes to relax and access convenient services.
The Village Plaza is composed of timber donated from 63 local governments. Each piece is marked with its prefecture of origin. After the Games, they will be returned and reused.
The cardboard beds are part of the Games’ efforts to be more sustainable and have garnered a lot of international attention.
The Village provides crowd information to athletes through monitors and a special phone application, to help avoid unnecessary contact.
To prepare for the competition, athletes have access to a large fitness centre with around 600 pieces of equipment.
For a fun photo op to share on social media, the athletes can visit the photo booth featuring typical Japanese environments, such as a public bath and the inside of a train, all with a cute twist.
The newly built 21 stylish apartment buildings overlooking Tokyo Bay will house competing athletes during the Olympic and Paralympic games.
The recently added Fever Clinic provides a location for PCR testing and isolating any athletes with a fever, or Covid-19 symptoms until test results are returned.