Shiga: Lake Biwa

Explore Japan’s largest freshwater body of water, Lake Biwa

Shirahige Shrine, Shiga
Shirahige Shrine in Lake Biwa, Shiga
  • Try your hand at kayaking the massive reaches Lake Biwa
  • Take the challenge to wake in time for a resplendent sunset

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan, located within Shiga prefecture, to the northeast of Kyoto. The lake is a vast and important ecosystem for the region and also a popular place for aquatic sports, including kayaking. A spectacular torii gate towers from the lake close to its west coast, near Shirahige Shrine. In addition to kayaking, this is a perfect location to take in the sunrise over Lake Biwa, perfectly framing in the towering torii gate coming out of the water. Observing the sunrise is an event in itself in Japan. If you find yourself near Lake Biwa, take the challenge of an early morning to view the sunrise, and make sure to also rent a kayak to explore the lake’s wonders.

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Shirahige Jjinja (Shirahige Shrine)


215 Ukawa, Takashima, Shiga 520-1122


Shirahige Jjinja
Lake Biwa (

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