Wagyu Restaurant

Savor the pinnacle of beef cuisine in the ancient capital

Gion, Kyoto
Wagyu Restaurant Premium Pound
  • Premium Pound Kyoto offers a certified wagyu experience
  • Learn how wagyu beef is bred and selected for its world-renowned marbled deliciousness
  • Join the other foodies in a pursuit of the ultimate wagyu experience!

Premium Pound Kyoto is a wagyu beef restaurant located on a quiet back street in Kyoto, near the Gion district. Although the restaurant appears to be independently run, it’s actually part of a certified group of eateries serving wagyu throughout Japan. Wagyu beef is a work of art nurtured by Japan’s climate and natural landscape. Each region-specific breed of cattle is fed a unique diet during the rearing process, including Japanese rice straw, which is important in building the pure white color of wagyu’s marbled fat—the reason it literally melts in your mouth. Wagyu is another example of Japan’s culinary obsession, an obsession that constantly pushes the limit of what’s possible. A taste for Japanese Wagyu beef is sweeping the culinary world, with Miyazaki A5 grade cuts fetching record prices and dominating Michelin-starred menus. Get in on one of the hottest foodie trends at Premium Pound Kyoto!

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Premium Pound Gion


570-15 Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0074


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