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Expressway Bus from Takayama to Kawaguchiko

For a limited time, Fujikyu-Yamanashi Bus will operate a daily expressway bus from Hida-Takayama/Hirayu Onsen to Kawaguchiko Sta./Mt Fuji Sta./Fujikyu Highland. The bus takes approximately 4.5 hours without transfers.

Operation dates

Tuesday, 1st November to Saturday, 31st December 2016


2,500 yen one-way / 4,000 yen return


From Mt Fuji Station bound for Takayama

Mt Fuji Station (8:00) -> Kawaguchiko Station (8:11) -> Fujikyu Highland (8:19) -> Chuo Expressway, Shimoyoshida (8:25), Nishikatsura (8:29), Tsuru (8:35), Ogatayama (8:38) -> Hirayu Onsen (11:43) -> Takayama Nohi Bus Center (12:43)

From Takayama bound for Mt Fuji Station

Takayama Nohi Bus Center (15:30) -> Hirayu Onsen (16:30) -> Chuo Expressway, Ogatayama (19:35), Tsuru (19:38), Nishikatsura (19:44), Shimoyoshida (19:54) -> Kawaguchiko Station (20:02) -> Mt Fuji Station (20:13)

Reservation and sales locations

Fujikyu Call Center (7:30-20:00): +81 (0) 555-73-8181 or +81 (0)570-022956

Nohi Bus Reservation Center (9:00-18:00): +81 (0)577-32-1688

Fuji Five Lakes area sales counters: Located at Mt Fuji Station, Kawaguchiko Staton, Highland GT, Kawaguchiko Station vending machines

Takayama area sales counters: Takayama Nohi Bus Centre or Hirayu Onsen bus ticket counter


Convenience stores: Lawson/Family Mart/Circle K Sunkus