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Kinosaki Onsen

Partners Information: Kinosaki Onsen is a town of time-honoured hot springs dating back 1300 years ago. It is home to seven public bathhouses, all located within walking distance of each other and the train station. Guests are encouraged to wear yukata and geta, stroll through the town, and go onsen hopping.

Relaxing in a Private Hot Spring without the Crowds

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing, a private hot spring bath (or onsen) is the perfect way to enjoy the hot springs without crowds. Kinosaki Onsen is known for its seven public onsen spread out through town, but it also has around 40 private onsen inside various accommodations. The private hot spring baths inside ryokan, or traditional Japanese inns, can be used per reservation or on a first-come-first-served basis, sometimes for an extra charge. That way, guests can enjoy a relaxing soak either by themselves or with their friends, family, or partner, away from other guests. There are three different ways to enjoy a bath privately: a private onsen in a ryokan, a private session in one of the public onsen, and a private bath inside the guest’s room.

Three fragrant baths are available for reservations at Yuraku, a ryokan surrounded by greenery and woods located in the backroads of town. Guests can choose between orchids & roses, oranges & limes, and apples for a relaxing dip perfect for couples.

Another ryokan in Kinosaki with private hot springs is Shinonomeso, an inn with a cozy wooden exterior and interior complimenting the ambience of the town. Here, guests can relax in a bath accented with a beautiful tiled mural and a hot tub. This spacious bath is perfect for families.

For an all-out relaxation experience, Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei has three different private onsen spas, each complete with their own rock sauna and lounge. Guests staying at Nishimuraya (both Hotel Shogetsutei and Honkan) can reserve their desired time and bath, which is available in either a Japanese, Balinese, or Chinese style. With some complimentary sparkling wine, these open-air hot springs are perfect for those on a romantic honeymoon. The ryokan also provides various massages and aroma treatments at the Relaxation Salon Fuka.

In Nishimuraya Honkan, a traditional Japanese-style inn with over 150 years of history, some of the guest rooms have their own private bath; however, these baths do not use hot spring water. Whether staying with family or friends in a room together, one can enjoy an intimate experience in a private outdoor bath with a gorgeous view.

Additionally, for a fee, families can enjoy a private hot spring bath within one of two public baths, Ichino-yu or Jizo-yu, upon arrival in Kinosaki. The seven public onsen and many of the town's private onsen, including Yuraku and Shinonomeso, are also completely tattoo friendly. For other private onsen, please contact the ryokan in advance, as the rules differ by business. Private onsen are the perfect solution for those looking for a quiet, relaxing space to themselves at the hot springs.

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