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Trekking at Mt Hiei Pilgrimage Trail

Partners Information: Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hieizan Enryakuji temple and also enjoy a a trek through the mountains.

While appreciating the stone statues and singing birds along the route, even a beginner can reach Enryakuji in around one and a half to two hours.

We recommend taking the “Honzaka Route”, the most well-known route for trekking Mt Hiei.

Get off at Sakamoto Hiezanguchi Station on the Keihan Line, walk five minutes and you’ll arrive in front of Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine. The stone steps next to the torii gate at Hiyoshi Taisha mark the entrance to the Mt Hiei trekking route.

Honzaka was once the main path used by those coming to worship at Hieizan Enryakuji but with the opening of the cable car, the route fell into disuse.

Proceed up the stone steps, pass the Flower Picking Hall and Turtle Tower and you’ll arrive at Enryakuji Hall. The trail isn’t signposted but the route is easy to follow.

Walk in the footsteps of ascetic monks for a day by taking the Mt Hiei Pilgrimage Trail, Honzaka to Enryakuji.

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