Setting the Scene: 4 timeless films, 4 stunning locations and a 1 month FREE BFI Player membership

The BFI's Japan Season, with over 100 years of Japanese cinema' has had us itching for more films and trip to the locations that inspired them! Must be that Japan-shaped hole in our hearts... So whilst we can't yet travel to Japan, we thought we'd properly introduce you to some of the locations featured in some of the season's finest films, while travel is confined to the armchair and silver screen. Read on to find out more!

Postcards from Japan: Snowscapes in the Japan Alps, international love, and Japanese New Year in the UK, with Nick & Ryo

They went from 0 to 5000 subscribers in just the space of a year and a half - Nick and Ryo (from NikoRyo Channel) are a jet-setting British-Japanese couple currently living in London. They originally met in the most unexpected of places in Japan but, joining Ryo in the UK, Nick moved to London in 2018 where the two of them later got married in the summer of 2019. They now run their own Youtube channel introducing everything about their lives as a British-Japanese couple living in London!  

2021 & Beyond : The Japan Hot List

We can all probably agree that this year has been a real doozy - to put it lightly.
But, although travel to Japan has been and still is restricted, that doesn't mean there hasn't been exciting news.

With vaccines now starting to roll out, we reckon it's about time we allowed ourselves to dream again, so we present to you The Japan Hot List - or, all the new places, experiences and ways of travelling there are to be excited about in Japan for 2021 and beyond.

Postcards from Japan: Accessible wilderness, Hokkaido how-to's and why Tohoku should be next, with Rob Thomson of The Hokkaido Wilds



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