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How to Enjoy Authentic Japanese Style Dining at Home

MUSUBI KILN, a tableware brand from Tokyo, sells traditional tableware produced by artisans in various parts of Japan to create a unique lifestyle that incorporates Japanese tableware. Today, with the growing popularity of Japanese food overseas, more and more people want to enjoy authentic Japanese-style dining at home.

Traditional Japanese tableware comes in a variety of shapes and designs cultivated by the food culture of each region. MUSUBI KILN proposes a way to enjoy the harmony between tableware and food with the brand message of “Creating a Little World on your Dining”. Its mission is to pass on the traditional crafts that have been fading away to the future generations. Let's have a look at a few examples of table setting ideas from MUSUBI KILN's online store.

Bento style with Yamanaka lacquer box

This bento lunch box made of Yamanaka Lacquerware, a traditional lacquerware made in Ishikawa Prefecture, is set with cute and bright small plates and bowls made of Kutani ware which is also a product of Ishikawa Prefecture. With this bento box, you can recreate the serving style often seen in Japanese restaurants at your own home. Filled with small snacks, it’s all you need to drink sake in style.

"Shokado" style with bamboo bento box

This is another example of creating the perfect combination in your bento box. Made of Japanese bamboo, the box leaves you with a fresh impression. This "Shokado Bento" style is divided into four sections in which sashimi, grilled dishes, and simmered dishes are neatly arranged. It is often used in traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine known for its multiple courses. With this bento box you can experience Japanese fine dining from the comforts of your home. 

Oriental Modern style

MUSUBI KILN's philosophy is that there is no wrong way to enjoy Japanese tableware. It is said that the best way to enjoy Japanese tableware is for everyone who picks it up to create a new style based on their own creativity.

This is a European style table setting created using a simple tone of white, with a base plate that is not often seen in Japan. This combination with decorative Japanese tableware from Imari ware renders a modern impression.

Are you bored with ordinary gifts?

In Japan, historically there is a culture of wrapping gifts in Furoshiki (traditional Japanese wrapping cloth). Furoshiki is considered to be a thoughtful way of wrapping the sender's heart. MUSUBI KILN basically deliver all orders wrapped in Furoshiki as a way of expressing their gratitude to the person who purchases from their online shop. 

MUSUBI KILN will be there to help you choose gifts for your loved ones who love Japan. It sells a wide variety of Furoshiki with traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e designs that are sure to make your gift extra special. 

Passing on Tradition to the Next Generation

Many of MUSUBI KILN's products are made by skilled artisans in Japan. However, with the aging population and decreasing numbers of artisans, as well as the decreasing demand from consumers who prefer more mass-produced products, there is no end to the number of kilns that are going out of business. The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and the Kutani Ware Cooperative are working hard to create new demand in order to pass on the traditional craft of tableware to the next generation.

You can find it on Instagram and Facebook, where it posts ideas for table settings, introductions to new products, and stories about their artisans. If you' re interested in traditional Japanese tableware and MUSUBI KILN, follow them on Instagram and Facebook!



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