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When you want to enjoy the great outdoors but aren’t ready for fumbling with poles after dark or shivering in the rain, glamping is your best bet! Glamping is a form of luxurious camping (the name comes from a combination of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ ) where your tent or pod is already set up for you but still gives you a delicious taste of nature. Japan has glamping sites aplenty for all of those who want to say goodbye to all of the usual camping concerns and relax on a budget (or not!). There are new sites opening in every corner of Japan as glamping has gained in popularity as a safe getaway from the bustling cities filled with activities that will keep your imagination going. We have assembled a list of all of our favourite destinations across Japan that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts on a budget, families, and luxury seekers.

In your private corner of paradise

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Overlooking the stunning Lake Kawaguchi famous for its views of Mt. Fuji lies HOSHINOYA Fuji, Hoshino Resorts’ first glamping site. It's the perfect place for all those who want a taste of luxury while admiring nature and enjoying thrilling activities in the wild. Rather than in a tent, you will have a good night's sleep in a cabin whose impressive windows will bring the outside world inside with a direct view of Mt. Fuji from every corner! Have a taste of fine dining with HOSHINOYA's outdoor inspired cuisine which you can order to your cabin or enjoy in the dining area. Once you've filled your stomach, set off on an adventure or two and give one of the available activities a try. Imagine the mind boggling natural views during a private canoe tour around Lake Kawaguchi early in the morning or the smells and textures of the forest on a horse riding adventure with Mt. Fuji in the background.

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Head to the Cloud Terrace for a well-deserved forest bathing session in one of the hammocks nestled between magnificent red pine trees. Cloud Terrace consists of several wooden platforms that make you feel like you’re floating above the natural scenery and offers seating areas perfect for socialising.

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After a day filled with excitement relax on an outdoor balcony with a seating area which is a luxury rendition of the classic camping chair. Every balcony comes equipped with a special fire pit which you can ask to have fired up for the full experience. 

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Unwind with alpacas

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This new glamping site opened this month and it's the perfect escape for all animal lovers and families. Mother Farm has been a popular attraction among Tokyoites for quite a while and visiting it is your chance to experience some of that farm life with activities like making butter, milking cows, or, the fan favourite - alpaca walks. The farm houses other animals too, so you can say hello to the local sheep, goats, rabbits, and ostriches!

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You can book a variety of terraces with tents on them that fit up to four guests and come with additional amenities such as a slide and a small bouldering wall attached to the terrace, a private second floor deck, and other options overflowing with character. All of the different types of accommodation available have beautiful views of the mountains and local flower fields. Moreover, all tent options come with outdoor dining and sitting areas where you can enjoy a delicious BBQ using the farm's specialty ingredients. 

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Delve into Japan's myths and legends

Venture off the beaten track to explore the myths and legends in Shimane's Mt. Sanbe Campsite by wondertrunk & co.

where you can immerse yourself in ‘kagura’ – a form of dance theatre literally meaning ‘entertaining the gods'! Glamping in the Sanbe National Park you will have a chance to dive deep into the charms of Japan's outdoors during the day and then be treated to a special outdoor kagura performance at night. Who would turn down a chance to meet the actors, costume and mask makers who have been bring stories from Japanese mythology to life for generations?

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This luxury outdoor experience will have locally sourced meals created with seasonal ingredients to knock you off your feet. After relaxing in the Sanbe onsen hot spring you will be ready to set off on an adventure. Wondertrunk & co.'s three to four day experiences in Shimane can help you with planning your days. Other activities you can enjoy while staying at the campsite include hiking and e-biking. The campsite operates between July and November.

Japan's glamping scene is constantly growing and everyone can find something to their tastes. Other places you need to check out are: the Nordisk Village on Nagasaki's Goto Islands where you can count on unforgettable cycling routes and UNESCO acclaimed heritage of the Hidden Christians, COMOREBI in Yufu which is the perfect onsen getaway in southern Kyushu, SANA MANE located on the famous Naoshima art island, or even try winter glamping in the chilly Niseko at Bongo.

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