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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo commemorates 70th anniversary with special seasonal events

The garden at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo illuminated at night and shrouded in mist Tokyo Sea of Clouds at nighttime 

Partners Information: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has launched a series of special seasonal events to commemorate its 70th anniversary in 2022. The luxury resort strives to be an oasis in the heart of the city, and boasts an expansive garden that encompasses a shrine, three-story pagoda and a historical hill. 

The hotel has taken inspiration from the traditional Japanese calendar, which has 24 seasonal divisions, and will highlight seven of these with special events and menus so guests can experience the distinctive features of each season with all five senses. 

Forest Aurora, a coloured light up event in the gardens of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo Forest Aurora

The most recent event was ‘Forest Aurora’, where ‘northern lights’ were projected over the garden. The event was inspired by northern lights (aurora borealis), a natural phenomenon where dynamic patterns of coloured lights appear in the night sky. 

The garden at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo in autumn, shrouded in a sea of mist called ‘Tokyo Sea of Clouds’ Tokyo Sea of Clouds in Autumn 

In between the special events, guests can enjoy the ‘Tokyo Sea of Clouds’, a sea of mist that is inspired by ‘sea of clouds’, a natural spectacle that is often seasonal and can only be seen when many factors align. At night, the garden is also illuminated with the glow of a thousand lights, offering a different sensory experience to the daytime. 


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