Maizuru Castle

Partners Information: After the downfall of Takeda Shingen, Maizuru Castle (also known as Kofu Castle) was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi was known as the man who unified Japan.

Today, Maizuru Castle Park includes one part of the castle ruins.


The castle was first built as an important strategic base to counter the forces of Ieyasu Tokugawa in the Kanto region. However, even after the Tokugawa regime was established, the castle continued to be used as an important defensive stronghold.


Nowadays, Maizuru Castle is popular tourist spot and also a symbol of Kofu City. Its gates and turrets have been restored, but visitors can still see the castle’s original stone wall. It’s a must-see spot!

You can even see Mt Fuji in the distance from the turret overlooking the vast Kofu land basin! In springtime, around 160 cherry trees blossoms bloom in the park. It is an especially popular location for hanami– ‘cherry blossom viewing’.

Republished with the permission of Japan Timeline.



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