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Soaring: Fantastic Flight Opens at Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea has become our absolute favourite theme park. It has the uncanny ability to envoke a wistful nostalgia for places we have travelled around the world and somehow makes us feel like we are walking along the cobblestone pathways of Venice. Of course, we were absolutely thrilled to find ourselves back at Tokyo DisneySea over the Japanese summer to explore the incredible worlds once again AND take on the ride of the newest attraction at the park, Soaring: Fantastic Flight. Yes, Soaring: Fantastic Flight has opened at Tokyo DisneySea!

Thank you to Tokyo DisneySea for hosting me for this visit! I’m still pinching myself.

Image ©️Disney


Those that have already ridden Soarin’ Around the World at either Disney California Adventure, Epcot, and Shanghai Disneyland would have some idea of Tokyo DisneySea’s Soaring: Fantastic Flight as it is based on this popular attraction. However, I do feel that Tokyo DisneySea has levelled up the experience which features brand new scenes and visuals that are exclusive to this park.

Theming of Soaring: Fantastic Flight


Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor has an overall Italian theme, bringing to life in full-scale the various buildings of Portofino and Venice. Amidst the backdrop of Porto Paradiso, an old-world Italian village within Tokyo DisneySea, you will find the Museum of Fantastic Flight where the new Soaring: Fantastic Fight resides.


Tokyo DisneySea has created an attraction that considers the wait time for the ride and have developed a museum that you weave through whilst awaiting the ride. It is such a breathtaking masterpiece, that the wait will never be something I would be concerned about, rather I would be worried about moving through it too fast and missing some of the incredible little details that are sprinkled throughout the museum.


This museum feels very much like one of the many Museo of Italy. Its realism is so close to the real experience that I found myself tapping on the walls to check that they were solid (they were!). This new museum is dedicated to flying and celebrates Camellia Falco, an innovator of aviation.


Who is Camellia Falco?


If you were like me and scratching your head trying to recall if you had heard of Camellia Falco previously, you will be happy to hear that you didn’t miss any learning during your school history lessons – she is a new character developed by Disney specifically for Tokyo DisneySea.

This fictional aviation hero was born in 1801 to Cellino Falco and Giuliana Falco who were the orginal curators of the Museum of Fantastic Flight which you will have a chance to explore while waiting for the ride.


In 1851, Camellia Falco became the first woman to be inducted into the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. So at this point I may have left you wondering whether this society really exists. Avid Disney lovers would know that the headquarters of this secret society is within the Fortress Explorations here at Tokyo DisneySea and boasts such members as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vasco DeGama, Ferdinand Magellan just to name a few.

Today, the museum celebrates the life of Camellia Falco, with theming dedicated to her life. What is important to note is that her spirit still lingers. At some point (I don’t want to give away all the surprises), Camellia Falco will invite you to take your own flight of imagination aboard a Dream Flyer. Be prepared, not everything is as it seems!


Soaring: Fantastic Flight

When it comes to rides, most people fall into two categories: those that seek high octane, adrenaline rides (think Space Mountain) and those that prefer more relaxed, gentle rides (think the Tea Cups). Soaring: Fantastic Flight is neither of these. It is a ride that I think will appeal to all ages and to people who like both categories above, as long as they have a good imagination!

As you reach the front of the line, Camellia will invite you to board her greatest achievement, her Dream Flyer where your imagination will propel you forward on a ride like no other. In moments you will be soaring.

I was fortunate to ride Soaring: Fantastic Flight twice. Its beauty and realism reduced me to tears of joy with the Dream Flyer soaring me above the clouds and then across a number of famous landscapes around the world. It’s a full sensory experience.

Soaring: Fantastic Flight – the landscapes



While exploring Kilimanjaro National Park I could see the elephants, hear the elephants, feel the breeze swirling up as the elephants moved through the vegetation, and smell the grass. It was so detailed, I could see the hairs on the elephants back. My imagination made me believe I was right there and truly, experiencing Tanzania (not VR headset needed!).

As we just missed brushing the apex of the Great Pyramids in Egypt I was able to see how close Cairo actually is to these wonders (I’ve never visited before) and as we soared above the Taj Mahal I was able to inhale the sweet perfume of rosewater.

I was impressed to see Sydney and our magnificent harbour feature too! Thank you Tokyo DisneySea.

From memory, you will also visit Greenland, Germany, China, Monument Valley in the United States of America, Fiji, Argentina and Tokyo.

Ride Specifics

If you are staying at one of the Disney hotels you will have the exclusive privilege of “Happy 15 Entry” which, like the name suggests, provides guests with early entry to the park. Soaring: Fantastic Flight probably the ride you should make your way to first. It also features the Disney FASTPASS® option.

The ride itself takes around 5 minutes with a capacity of 87 people per theatre. There are two theatres in total.

Please note that riders must be over 102cm to be able to ride.


Visiting Tokyo DisneySea with Kids

We adore visiting Tokyo DisneySea with our children and have found that is one theme park that checks the box for each of our varying theme park preferences.

Please head to our Visiting Tokyo DisneySea with kids resource to help plan your trip.

Reposted with the permission of Leah Smileski of Kid Bucket List, a travel blog which shows that travelling with kids can be fun and rewarding.


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