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Postcards from Japan: Unlocking the world of kimono, with Stasia Matsumoto from InKimono

Stasia Matsumoto moved to Japan after finishing university and fell in love with the world of kimono at her local kimono school. Nine years later she is a certified kimono stylist, teacher and consultant, and runs her own kimono business ‘InKimono’ in the famous Asakusa district!  Read on to find out about her journey with traditional Japanese clothing, her favourite kimono, and the best places to learn more about kimono and Japan's remarkable craftsmanship.

Postcards from Japan: Becoming a monk and Zen in Nagano, with Dorothee Eshin Takatsu

Dorothee Eshin Takatsu, originally from Germany, is an ordained Zen Priest in the Rinzai Tradition. In 2004 she established her Zen Retreat Center, Horakuan, in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture where she now offers Zen retreats with a creative touch to Japanese and foreign visitors. We talked about how she became a monk in Japan and what kind of experiences await visitors to Horakuan.

Postcards from Japan: Teaching and vlogging in Japan's second largest city and Tokyo's top cherry blossoms, with Cornelia

Cornelia was always fascinated by Japanese culture so four years ago she packed her bags and and moved to Japan! She now lives in Yokohama where she's been teaching English and creating content for her YouTube channel where she candidly vlogs about her daily life and travels. Read on to find out more about her top cherry blossom spots in Tokyo and why filming Halloween in Shibuya was one of her favourite moments.



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