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Scuba and Snorkelling

Scuba and Snorkelling


Japan’s southern island of Okinawa is ideal for underwater adventures like scuba and snorkelling. The crystal-clear waters and warm temperatures attract many divers, who come not only to see the marine life but also to explore underwater ruins and wrecks from World War II.


Those with an interest in underwater adventures that also wish to explore the rest of Japan can’t miss the stunning Izu Islands, an archipelago of seven islands floating in the Pacific Ocean south of Tokyo. Forming part of the Fuji volcanic belt, their moderate climate makes them the perfect destination for lovers of marine sports, including scuba diving.


For the truly dedicated scuba enthusiast, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Ogasawara Islands are one to tick off the bucket list. A 25-hour boat ride away from Tokyo, the islands are south of Tokyo and are surrounded on all sides by nothing but the Pacific Ocean. The islands’ remoteness provides some unique flora and fauna on land and underwater, and the crystal clear waters reveal the spectacular marine life and beautiful coral reefs.


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