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Hit the Waves: Best surfing spots in Japan

Over the years Japan has become one of the most desirable locations for surfers in the world. Stunning beaches, all year round surfing opportunities, subtropical areas - those are just some of the reasons why surfers can't get enough of Japan. With the crowd of passionate local surfers growing every year, it didn’t come as a surprise when surfing was announced as a new addition to the Olympic sports crowd. While beginners can enjoy riding their first waves under the eye of many surfing schools all around the country, more advanced surfers can take advantage of the incredible waves. We explored all the best spots to hop on a board in Japan and when is the best time to head there!

Tsurigasaki beach, Chiba prefecture

Captured by @hama_ne_ichiro on Instagram

Starting with the heavy weight, Tsurigasaki beach in Chiba prefecture is where the best of the best will be descending for the world's greatest international sporting contest this summer! The best thing about the area is its reliable waves that come from three different directions making it a popular location for hosting competitions. For the best waves, come here between August and October during the typhoon season. 

Captured by @sato.photo.2017 on Instagram, surfer: @daikitanaka0614

Kamakura beach, Kanagawa prefecture

Captured by @ygrdcd on Instagram

One of the closest spots for a surfing break away from Tokyo are the beaches in the Shonan area of Kanagawa prefecture, like Kamakura beach, for example - the best thing about these beaches is that you can combine your day out in Kamakura with a quick surf on the shore! Did we mention that if you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji in the distance? The best time to surf here is August through to October but you can have a good time here throughout the year.

Left image: by @j.ito_kamakura; Right image: by @ygrdcd on Instagram

Okuragahama beach, Miyazaki prefecture 

Moving south, we find ourself in Miyazaki prefecture, on Kyushu, which is home to wide array of picturesque beaches. One of Japan’s 100 best beaches, Okuragahama is a great spot for beginners and longboarding fans. Kyushu is generally less crowded than areas near Tokyo so it’s ideal for those seeking some relaxation and a monopoly on those waves. Other amazing Kyushu beaches include Aoshima and Kisakihama. Best season to surf is Autumn and October in particular, because of the typhoon season.


Okinawa with its subtropical climate and reef breaks is another spot you can’t miss. Surfers can enjoy warm waters pretty much all year round in this tropical paradise. You can explore different beaches around Okinawa’s many islands. We especially recommend it to more advanced surfers. Best time to surf in the area is between mid-June and mid-March. 

There are plenty of other places where you can enjoy surfing across Japan so don’t forget to add them to your itinerary! Wherever you go, you won’t be too far away from a beach after all. Just make sure to follow all safety instructions and check the weather before you hit the waves! 

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