Escape The Crowds: Hottest Cherry Blossoms In North Japan

The Tohoku region definitely takes the crown in the ranking of the most underrated areas of Japan. What many people don’t know is that’s where you will find some of the most incredible cherry blossom spots! Lower prices, less crowds and magnificent nature at your fingertips are one of the best things about Tohoku. We have ventured to every corner of Tohoku to find the best cherry blossoms and we have found something for everyone: samurai castles, magnificent mountains, cherry blossom tunnels...

Cycle Easy: Japan's best routes for casual cyclists

Japan has one of the best cycling routes for casual cyclists who want to add a bit of excitement to their trips. You can easily rent a bike, the routes are well-prepared, and Japan's convenience stores and vending machines are waiting to support you on every stretch of your adventure. Read on to find out more about two scenic routes, Shimanami Kaido and Biwa-ichi, with tips from casual cyclists who took up the challenge.



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