Summertime: How to Recreate Your Very Own Japanese Beer Garden

The spring weather brings us the re-opening of many pubs but some of us might be discouraged by how fleeting those moments of warmth have been. You don't have to wait until the summer to enjoy an 'evening out', just crack open the beers and prep a feast of delicious Japanese bar snacks! Read on to find out just how easy it is to recreate a Japanese beer garden - beers, snacks and vibes - from the comfort of your very own home! 

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Potty About Pottery: Morito Domae and the Hakodate Kogeisha Gallery

Fish markets and morning squid auctions, a retro tram network with wood-panneled carriages, a weirdly wonderful and exclusively regional Japanese hamburger chain, beautifully preserved old timey boutique cafes overlooking sunsets on the sea… There's a lot to love about Hokkaido’s second city of Hakodate, but standing proudly next to Jujigai tram stop is another of the city’s characterful hidey-holes and a must-visit landmark on any craft-lover’s map: Hakodate Kogeisha gallery and boutique. Read on to find out what they had to say about their gallery and this wonderful port city.



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