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Postcards from Japan: Falling for Tohoku, writing a book on life after a disaster, and the importance of humour, with Caroline Pover

Caroline moved to Japan in the 90s in search of adventure and we can confirm that she has found plenty of it during the 15 years she had lived there. She is one of the titans working behind the scenes to help with rebuilding the Tohoku area in the aftermath of the March 11th 2011 Great East Japan Eartquake and Tsunami. We talked with Caroline about the Oshika Peninsula region - Tohoku's unknown gem and her new book  ‘One Month in Tohoku: An Englishwoman's memoir on life after the Japanese tsunami’. 

Setting the Scene: 4 timeless films, 4 stunning locations

The BFI's Japan Season, with over 100 years of Japanese cinema' has had us itching for more films and trip to the locations that inspired them! Must be that Japan-shaped hole in our hearts... So whilst we can't yet travel to Japan, we thought we'd properly introduce you to some of the locations featured in some of the season's finest films, while travel is confined to the armchair and silver screen. Read on to find out more!

Saitama: 4 of the coolest new reasons to visit Japan's 'uncoolest' place

Saitama is a prefecture just next to Tokyo famous for its tongue-in-cheek nickname 'Dasai-tama', a wordplay on the prefecture’s name and the Japanese word ‘dasai’ meaning uncool. But never underestimate an underdog! Saitama is rising up the ranks with many note-worthy openings and places you can't miss. Now that a new sait-amazing era is about to begin, take a dive into the area's top picks: Moomins, art exhibitions, theme parks - you name it! All of the places can be visited either on a fun daytrip to escape from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo or as an overnight stay to fully immerse yourself and discover the cool in Japan’s 'uncoolest' prefecture!

Winner of Best in Sustainability 2021: Say hello to Wakayama

In the Kansai area just below Osaka, lies Wakayama, a prefecture famous for its magnificent mountains, connections to Japanese history, roaring waterfalls, and spiritual pilgrimage trails. Many think of it as the natural and spiritual capital of Japan, and this year Lonely Planet’s readers gave credit where credit is due as Wakayama was voted the best sustainable destination in 2021! With both mountains and sea, and a refreshing take on modern life, Wakayama is a treasure waiting to be discovered.



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