Kyoto: Hiranoya

Visit a traditional tea house for a taste of culture and history

Arashiyama, Kyoto
Kyoto Hiranoya
  • Hiranoya is a venerable thatched roof tea house from ages past
  • Enjoy matcha green tea, Japanese sweets, or a full kaiseki spread
  • Create a lasting experience in the ancient capital of Kyoto

As Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto also features a vast number of traditional establishments. A sterling example is Hiranoya, a venerable thatched roof tea house located in the Arashiyama area on the west side of the city. Two specialties available here are ama-zake, or sweet sake, which is actually very low in alcohol content and made using the lees from sake brewing. It’s highly pungent, slightly sweet and fortified, the perfect drink for a cool day. Hiranoya also offers ayu-chazuke, a special dish of ayu (Japanese sweetfish) that’s been glazed and reduced whole in a miso sauce, served over rice with a pot of green tea dashi, which is poured over the fish and rice to create a delectable umami-rich porridge. Hiranoya also offers cups of matcha tea with a Japanese sweet for a reasonable price, and in the traditional back rooms, a full kaiseki spread is available for anyone who wants an unforgettable Kyoto culinary experience.

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Access Information

Ayuchaya Hiranoya


16 Saga Toriimoto Sennocho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


Take the Kyoto Bus (for Kiyotaki), get off at the bus stop "Toriimoto" and walk for 5 minutes.


Ayuchaya Hiranoya

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